• iPhone won’t connect through usb
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    iPhone won’t connect through usb

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    It worked the first time but after that it didn’t want to detect my iphone while connected through usb. I noticed that ApowerMirror installs the driver “libusb-win32” that makes my pc not detect my iPhone. I delete the driver and it’s back to normal but when I start ApowerMirror it asks to download the drivers again which makes my pc not detect the phone. I need help ASAP I bought the vip too and it’s not working. The wifi screen mirroring works fine but I want to to be connect through usb for a better quality but it’s not working. It’s not the ports, I already restarted everything, and I re installed both iTunes and ApowerMirror. I also tried it on a different pc. It’s an iPhone 12 Pro Max and both PCs are running the latest versions of windows 10, iTunes, and ApowerMirror. All my drivers are up to date and all usb ports work fine until ApowerMirror downloads their driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

    iPhone won’t connect through usb
    Sunny Alex
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    Please restart your phone and it should work

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