• iPhone connect via USB to APowermanager
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    iPhone connect via USB to APowermanager

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    having a problem getting iPhone to connect to APowermanager.  It connects fine wirelessly using Airplay and APowerMirror.  Purchased APowerManager so that i could share screen via USB.  iTunes is installed and followed all the instructions on what to select there.  When attempting to connect to APowerManager it first says “No Driver Detected” and to install iTunes.  Seems how iTunes is already installed I select “Installed, next”.  it then goes to the screen connecting your device.  It then just sits there and in bottom left says “Connecting Apple Device.  

    iPhone connect via USB to APowermanager
    Ada Reed
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    Dear user

    As ApowerManager will not recognize iTunes downloaded from Microsoft Store, so please go to iTunes official website and download the .exe file which is compatible for your Windows 10. 


    Please scroll down the iTunes download webpage and find “Looking for other versions” and click “Windows”, then you can see iTunes for Windows and download it on your PC. 



    Then reconnect your USB cable to your PC’s USB port, or change another USB port to connect. If still nothing happens, please check whether you can connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes. If yes, you can try to connect wirelessly. 

    Here is a user guide for your reference: https://www.apowersoft.com/faq/phone-manager-faq.html 

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