• Easy Way to Install WhatsApp on iPhone

    Easy Way to Install WhatsApp on iPhone

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    I have purchased WhatsApp on my iPhone 4s ,but now I have changed my phone from iPhone 4s to iPhone 6. I want to know if I could install WhatsApp Messagers on iPhone 6 without buying it again. There are many files on my WhatsApp, anyone knows good way to manage these files in WhatsApp?

    Easy Way to Install WhatsApp on iPhone
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    Hi, Rebbeca. Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, WhatsApp is a powerful messaging app and it is widely used around the world. The following information will tell you how to install WhatsApp on iPhone and how to manage your WhatsApp. Hope it is valuable to you.

    As a smartphone messenger for iPhone, Android and other smartphones,WhatsApp is reported to be the most global popular messaging app with more than 700 million active users till January 2015. It is able to stay continuously on as long as the phone keep connected to the Internet and it can encrypt all your conversations. There is no cost to message and keep in touch with your friends. Many phone users know this good Messagers, however they have no idea of how to install WhatsApp on iPhone. In order to make you well experience WhatsApp, here will introduce you easy ways to easily install WhatsApp on iPhone without any charge.

    Easily Install WhatsApp Messager

    WhatsApp sets different download versions for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia, make sure you have downloaded the right versions for your phones before installing WhatsApp Messager on iPhones.

    Traditionally, you can install WhatsApp in the following way: hit “Settings” menu on the home interface of your iPhone, scroll down to locate the entry iTunes & App Store and then open them. Enter your Apple ID and iTunes App Store account information if prompted to do so. Type “WhatsApp” into the search field to locate the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp Messenger will begin downloading to your iPhone, and it will display a faded WhatsApp icon on the home screen of the device. After this application finishes downloading, it is ready for use when the blue progress bar disappears and the WhatsApp icon will not fade in appearance. This is a sign which indicates successfully installation of WhatsApp Messager on iPhone.

    However, this installation only allows you to free use WhatsApp for one year, if you want to lifelong use it without any charge, it is not a difficulty. All you have to do is to find your original buying credentials or someone who has already purchased WhatsApp on your device and make you pay for a few seconds credentials of its App Store account. Try following steps:

    • Go to the “Settings” menu on your device to find “iTunes & App Store” and click on it.
    • Sign in to Apple ID credentials which is purchased from your friend or whoever it came from.
    • Get back to run on the Springboard’s App Store, find WhatsApp to install without launching the application.
    • Without opening the application, you have to log in once again and return to the Home menu “Settings ->App & iTunes Store”. Here you have to re-enter the credentials for your Apple ID. Restart the iPhone and turned on, you will find it works well.

    Efficiently Install WhatsApp on iPhone and Manage it with Apowersoft Phone Manager
    Apowersoft Phone Manager is a handy and comprehensive application in managing phone device. It receives great fames for it its ability to install apps on iPhone and manage different files in the apps. For those who want to install WhatsApp on new iPhone without paying again, he or she can transfer WhatsApp ipa files from old phone to new iPhone, Please follow steps below:

    • Download and install this phone manager on PC.
    • Connect iPhone to computer through USB cable.
    • After entering into the interface, click “Apps” icon and hit “Import” button to transfer WhatsApp Messager ipa files to new one. After completion, you will find you have installed WhatsApp on iPhone.

    This good phone manager also enables you to un-install unwanted apps and it also can delete directly from your phone just by choosing the “Un-install” or “Delete” button respectively.

    What makes Apowersoft Phone Manager more outstanding is that it clearly lists different files with corresponding icons, so that you can easily locates your files on WhatsApp. For example, you can make find voice messager, photos, videos etc. which have existed on your WhatsApp. It even allows you to add files to WhatsApp or export the files from WhatsAppp to other devices.

    WhatsApp Messager not only owns powerful messaging function, it is also able to send others unlimited images, video and audio media messages. With it, you find yourself always keep touched with others. Just install WhatsApp Messager on iPhone and you will make full use of such a wonderful tool.

    Easy Way to Install WhatsApp on iPhone

    Install whats app

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