• Inquiry about how to download rdio music.

    Inquiry about how to download rdio music.

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    It’s pretty annoying that spotty network signal is not stable enough for me to listen to online rdio due to the long lasting rainy days. Thus I feel regretful for not saving them to my computer and since then I decided to download rdio songs. However a new problem arises, I don’t know how to do it.
    Would love any info!

    Inquiry about how to download rdio music.

    Download rdio app for desktop or mobile, then you can use offline mode to sync albums and songs, but it only works for the paid subscription.

    Inquiry about how to download rdio music.

    I had gone through the same experience like you, it almost drive me crazy. Luckily, my friend recommended me to use Streamosaur to record songs and I had used that. It’s easy to use. You can try it!

    Inquiry about how to download rdio music.
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    Rdio is an ad-free music service that allows you to listen to over 20 million of songs wherever you are. With it, you can enjoy rdio on the web or download a web-based desktop program for Windows or Mac. Moreover, rdio is available on Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows phone. Following are three ways to download rdio music by recording including Streamosaur that mentioned by the former poster.


    It’s true that Streamosaur is an easy to use rdio downloader program for Windows that save you trouble by installing this recorder to your computer. Its interface is simple and user-friendly as your recording can be saved by pressing Record and Stop button.

    However, it supports only two output formats. This recorder can save recording in wav format by default, if you want to record audio in to mp3 format, then you need to download mp3 encoder.

    To some users, it may get them to inconvenience, fortunately, there are two more powerful audio recorders for you to choose from.

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is an easy to use audio recording software that enables you to record audio in a free and online way. Compared to Streamosaur, it supports five common output formats which include mp3, wav, wma, ogg, acc. You can open the webpage and click Start Recording to launch this recorder. After that, you can make your desired settings. Then begin the recording by clicking on Start and finish it by hitting Stop button.

    Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder is a powerful audio recording software that combines audio converter, editor with CD burner and other functions. Even better, you can also entertain yourself by enjoying latest pop music and radio across various genres.

    Following are the steps to record rdio without the loss of quality.

    • Install Streaming Audio Recorder to your computer and launch it.
    • Change the default settings as you wish. You can choose your preferred output format or set folder for output files.
    • Go to rdio.com and search for your favorite music. Then play the rdio.
    • Press On to start your recording.
    • Click the Off button to finish your recording. After recording, you can edit, convert or burn it to CD.

    Above are the three ways to download rdio music, hope it can help you out!

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