• I need help in recording Nimbuzz video

    I need help in recording Nimbuzz video

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    I am new in using Nimbuzz and I don’t know all of its features. Can anyone help me to record Nimbuzz video call? Does this tool have this feature? If not, please suggest some tools to use. Thank you.

    I need help in recording Nimbuzz video
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    Nimbuzz is a messaging application for phones, tablets and computers. This tool also has a lot of users because it offers free chat messaging, audio and video calling and very cheap VOIP phone calls. On the other hand, just like all the messaging tools, it does not have a Nimbuzz video call recorder. Some people record video call for business and personal purposes. Virtual meetings need to be recorded for documentations and other business-related purposes. Some other people wish to record a video call for the purpose of making a video message for their love ones. Since Nimbuzz, does not have a recorder, it is recommended to make use of a screen recorder to record a video call.

    Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    You can record Nimbuzz video call online using this free screen recorder. This tool is safe and it does not require registration and installation. Unlike any other free web-based apps, this tool has no video recording time limit. Users can also decide to record video on full screen or just a part of it. Additionally, this tool can record audio from microphone and system sound which allows users not to use a separate tool for the recording of audio. In order to make use of this tool, simply follow the steps below.

      Step 2: Click on “Start Recording” button and run the tool in your computer. Note that this tool requires Java plug-in to be installed before using it.
      Step 3: Start the video call on Nimbuzz.
      Step 4: Drop down “Audio Input” to choose the audio origin and the click “Record” to choose which region of the screen you want to capture.
      Step 5: Click “Start” to start the recording and then click on “Stop” to stop the recording.
      Step 6: Click the “Play” button to watch the recorded video which can be found at the lower part of the tool.

    Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

    This is the desktop version of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. Apart from having all the features of the online one, this has extreme functions as compared with Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. This tool has an editing tool which can help in enhancing the recorded video. You can add effects, subtitles, shapes, arrows and more. Additionally, this tool allows users to merge videos into one video as well. In case you want to combine different recorded videos, you can make use of this feature.

    In addition to this, this tool has also a built in converter which allows users to convert recorded videos into different formats so that videos will be compatible on different devices.


    This is another online tool to be used in recording Nimbuzz video call. This also needs a Java plug-in in order to work and it requires users to sign up for an account. However, this tool has a video recording limit of 5 minutes. This means that you need to record multiple times and to use a video merger to come up with a long video. To use this tool, go to Screenr page and then click “Record” button. Run the application and then start the recording.

    Those are the recommended tools to use on how to record Nimbuzz video call. You can now easily record a video call using these tools. It is best to make use of Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro as it has all the features you might be needing in recording a Nimbuzz video.

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