• How to transfer PDF from iBooks to Adobe reader

    How to transfer PDF from iBooks to Adobe reader

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    Howdy, I am just using iPhone 6, and I ever used iBooks to read my PDF files, but now I’d love to transfer those PDF files from iBooks to my Adobe reader for iPhone. You see, I need to mark something on the document with Adobe reader. Anyone can offer the solution? Thanks.

    How to transfer PDF from iBooks to Adobe reader
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    Thanks for your feedback. You just said right, since Adobe Reader has landed in iTunes Store, most apple fans would like to use this app for reading PDF files instead of iBooks. On the one hand, Adobe reader is a fully-featured PDF viewer for iPad, iPhone and other idevices, which endows you with the ability to open a variety of file types such as password-protected files, PDF portfolios and other documents associated with PDFs. With this app, you can mark something on a document, highlight and make annotations for the pages. On the other hand, iBooks application only enables users to read PDF only, what if you need to write or edit your files, you have to seek for the alternative PDF reader. Then the point to be considered is that how you can transfer your files from iBooks app to Adobe reader app for your iPhone 6? Here we go.

    Method one: The third-party phone manager software

    One of the practical software you could use to realize the PDF transfer from iBooks to Adobe Reader is Apowersoft Phone Manager, which is a smart application in managing all the mobile data on your PC. It is a no-brainer because all you to do is just a few clicks. Please refer to the detailed steps as below on how to transfer PDF from iBooks to Adobe Reader.

    • Download and install the program on your PC.
    • Launch the application and connect your iPhone 6 or iPad through the USB. And there, you need to tap on “Trust” on your mobile phone screen.
    • Select “Books” tab, click on “Export” to export PDF from iBooks to your PC. You can choose one or a list of PDFs as per your need.
    • Now, click on “Apps”, you may quickly find Adobe Reader app in the search bar. Double click “Adobe Reader” to locate the Documents, import the files from PC under Adobe Reader Documents category.

    You see, it is as easy as a cinch, you may open your Google Reader and edit videos at your will. Aside from being able to export iBooks PDF to Adobe Reader, this program can equally transfer files from your phone to PC and PC to phone, manage multimedia contents, backup all kinds of data, restore files from previously created backups, take phone screenshots from PC and display phone screen to computer in real time.

    For more much intuitive understanding, refer to the demo as below:

    Method two: iTunes

    To move PDF from iBooks to Adobe reader on your iPhone 6, the conventional way is to make use of iTunes. Simply follow the steps as below:

    Step one: First, you need to manually sync your iPhone 6 to your PC with the supplied USB cable. Please make sure that you have synced your “Books” with your computer. Simply click on “File” > “Devices”, and then start the syncing process.

    Step two: Find your PDF on the local database. Please select iTunes > iTunes media > Books, and then locate the books and PDFs that you need. And now you can proceed to the next step.

    Step three: Select your device and tap on “Apps”, and then hit on “Adobe Reader”, now simply click “Add file…” to browser the PDFs and drag the PDF you have already stored from your dedicated computer. In a matter of seconds, the document will be displayed on the right under Google Reader documents. The last step is to sync your iPhone 6.

    Both of the ways can equally transfer your PDFs from iBooks to Adobe Reader. You may access to all files on your Adobe Reader for iPhone or iPad without hassle. Actually, besides Adobe Readers, there are many other popular PDF viewers that you can choose from. The steps to import file to other apps is exactly the same as the guide above.

    How to transfer PDF from iBooks to Adobe reader

    Also you can through ibooks email the pdf (you want) to yourself. And then you can download the pdf from the email to be saved to pdf. I use it and works all the time.

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