• How to transfer music from rhapsody to iTunes?

    How to transfer music from rhapsody to iTunes?

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    I have subscribed to Rhapsody and it offers me many pleasing music, but the problem is, the song it provides cannot played in iTunes unless I spent extra money to purchase the song. Does anyone know how to transfer music from rhapsody to iTunes?

    How to transfer music from rhapsody to iTunes?
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    Basically, music purchased on Rhapsody are DRM-free mp3 tracks, which means that these songs are compatible with most media players, iTunes is no exception. While people who subscribe to Rhapsody only offered with unlimited listening and downloading DRM-protected songs. Due to the DRM protection, iTunes cannot play Rhapsody subscription music.

    In this way, instead of working out the problem of what media players it will play on, you could choose from the following incredible easy ways to remove DRM from Rhapsody song so as to enjoy it freely on iTunes or even transfer it to iPhone, iPod or other portable devices.

    Best Solution – Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder is a powerful program that best fits your needs of recording audio in 1:1 quality and comes with a wide range of additional features including audio editor, audio converter, CD burner, ID3 tag editor, etc. Though DRM-protected files are prevented from being converted with any converters, you can still convert it to DRM-free files by recording.

    To transfer music form Rhapsody to iTunes, you can follow the detailed steps below.

    • Install and run this program on your computer.

    • Change the default settings in your preferable way.
    • Click “Start” to begin the recording and then stream the music on Rhapsody.
    • Hit the “Off” button when you want to finish the recording.
    • Select “Add to iTunes” from the “Tools” menu.
    • Click “Add” button to select the audio file you recorded. Then you can hit the “Start” button.
    • Now you can find the music in iTunes library.

    Nice Solution – Noteburner

    Noteburner is an audio format converter that would help to remove DRM protection of Rhapsody songs by installing a virtual CD-RW writer on your computer. With it, you can burn the DRM-protected songs to virtual CD in Windows Media Player or Winamp. Then you can convert the files to your desired audio format. Generally, it supports multiple output format including MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.

    However, one of the drawbacks is that it lacks compatibility. For example, it’s not compatible with Windows Media Player 11 and higher.

    Anyway, both of above two ways would help to transfer rhapsody songs to iTunes, you can choose the one that fits you best.

    How to transfer music from rhapsody to iTunes?

    But what if I want to transfer music from iTunes to Rhapsody?

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      • Chole : When you download song onto your iTunes library via iTunes store, the files are often saved as M4A files. However, Rhapsody only supports to play MP3 files. So if you'd like to enjoy iTunes songs on your Rhapsody, then you need to convert those iTunes M4A files to MP3. By using Streaming Audio Recorder, there exists two ways for you to transfer iTunes M4A files to Rhapsody-supported MP3 audio files.

        Method one: transfer music from iTunes to Rhapsody by recording

        Using this method, you just need to follow the steps in my former post to record the iTunes music and save it in MP3 format.

        Method two: add iTunes music to Rhapsody by converting

        Or you can directly select "Audio Converter" from the pop-up menu of "Tools". And then click "Add" to choose the iTunes music file, after that, you can select the target output format and output folder. Then hit the "Start" to begin the converting process.

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    How to transfer music from rhapsody to iTunes?
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    The post have resolved our problem,thank you very much and hope you writting more good articles.

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