• ways to transfer MOV to iPhone

    ways to transfer MOV to iPhone

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    I have an important video in MOV format, however I failed to play it on my iPhone. Is there any way or app available to solve it. Thank you in advance. :D

    ways to transfer MOV to iPhone
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    Hi, Michelle. Thank you for your inquiry. Actually, last month I also encountered the same situation. After surfing the Internet, I found some good tips and I would like to give a detailed introduction for you. Among the existing ways, I believe the following two methods deserving your attention.


    MOV video file is a very common multimedia format which is usually served to save movies and other video files. As an MPEG 4 video container file format, MOV receives increasing popularity. Although iPhone supports MOV as an input format, it only welcomes videos which are compressed with specific codes and encoded at a precise frame rate. In order to transfer MOV files to iPhone, you need to make full use of the iTunes built-in video encoder. Look at the next guidance.

    • Launch iTunes, tap on “File” to select “Add File to Library” and search for MOV files for import into iTunes.
    • Click the “Movies” to choose the imported MOV files and click “Advanced” and select “create iPod or iPhone version”.
    • Hit the “Movies” tab in the browser display and click “Sync”.

    iTunes offers iPhone users a way to transfer MOV files, however users always find it is not that convenient to do so. Firstly, it requires installing the latest version of iTunes. Secondly, it often asks you to pay much attention and time to finish such an operation. In order to make it easy, I would like to highly recommend the following third party application.

    Apowersoft Phone Manager

    This program is specialized in managing all kinds of files including messages, photos, pictures, videos, contacts, apps etc. If you want to make one-stop management for your iPhone, no doubt Apowersoft Phone Manger is a perfect alternative. With this tool, you can quickly transfer MOV to iPhone. To find out how to operate it, get started with next steps.

    • Download this program and install it on your PC.
    • Connect your iPhone to PC through USB cable.
    • Tap on “Videos” button and then click “Import” the movie in MOV format to specific folder.

    Welcome to watch this video if you want to know the dynamic presentation.

    Not only this tool helps you efficiently copy MOV to iPhone, it also manages to transfer movies in all video formats such as MP4, 3GP, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPG, VOB, FLV, SWF. If you like, you are able to delete or export unwanted videos to free up space. As a versatile iPhone tool, this app is to fulfill almost all your imagination on iPhone functions, such as “take a screenshot”, “free up memory”, “set ringtone”. This excellent Phone Manager is found to be fully compatible with iOS and Android. It is definitely safe without spyware and malware.

    If my reply does not meet your exact demand or you have acquired some other new solutions, please do not hesitate to contact me for further discussion.

    ways to transfer MOV to iPhone
    Inna Zuieva

    This tutorial is helpful. :D :D :D

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