• How to Split PDF in Half with ApowerPDF
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    How to Split PDF in Half with ApowerPDF

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    Hi guys,

    Having used ApowerPDF for a while, it is a great PDF editor. Although it crashed while I was using it a few months ago, but now I updated to the latest version, which works more smoothly and never crashes. 

    What’s more, recently, I find an interesting skill that can help split PDF in half. 

    Firstly, open a PDF file with ApowerPDF.

    Secondly, go to “File” > “Print” > choose “ApowerPDF Printer”.

    Thirdly, go to “Page Sizing & Handling” and click “Poster”. Then you can set “Tile Scale” and “Overlap”. In this way, you can set “Tile Scale” to 50% or “30% or other value. And on the right side, you can preview how the file will be split — there is a dashed line in the middle of the page. (Because the file is different, so I think we need to try to type different value in order it will be cut in half

    Fourthly, when everything is set, you can click the “Print” button to save the file, and then you will get a new PDF, which all the pages have been split in half. 


    There is another awesome tool under “Print” > “Pages to Print”, that is “Reverse pages”. It can help you turn the last page to the first one, so the pages 1,2,3,… will become …,3,2,1.

    Now, we can split the pages in half with one click. 

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