• Does anyone know how to record Xbox chat?

    Does anyone know how to record Xbox chat?

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    Hi, everyone!
    I am trying to record conversation on Xbox Live, but after searching around on the web, I couldn’t figure it out myself, does anyone know what I should do to record Xbox chat? All help would be greatly appreciated.

    Does anyone know how to record Xbox chat?
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    Xbox Live is an online multiplayer game developed by Microsoft and has attracted tens of millions of users worldwide. Within its popularity, there may come a time that you want to record the voice chat with other players while playing games. In this case, you can refer to the following step by step instructions on how to record Xbox chat.


    A microphone
    Computer with mic port
    An audio recording program


    1. Plug in your microphone to the pink socket of your computer and make sure it’s correctly connected. While if it’s a USB microphone, then you just need to plug it to the USB port.

    2. Test whether your microphone works well. To do that you can right click the sound icon and select “Playback devices”. Then you can speak into the microphone to test whether it works. If so, you will see the volume meter jumps up and down.

    3. Adjust the volume of your computer. Make sure that the system and microphone volume is set properly to be heard and not mute.


    After the preparation stage, you can start to record Xbox voice with an audio recorder. In this case, Streaming Audio Recorder would help. Bundled with various features, it’s a comprehensive audio recording application that allows you to record audio from any input – whether from your computer system, or an external device.

    To record Xbox chat, you can follow the steps below.

    Step one: Install and run this audio recorder on your computer.

    Step two: Change the default settings as you need. If you want to record both the voice of you and other players, then you need to change the default audio source of “System Sound” to “Both System Sound and Microphone” in “Record settings”. Besides, you can also select your desired output format and folder. Generally, it supports as many as five common output formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and OGG.

    Step three: With your settings chosen, you can start recording by clicking the red “On” tab under the Record Tab. Now you can have conversations with other players on Xbox. Once you start a conversation, it will record the chat automatically.

    Step four: Just click the “Off” button if you want to stop recording.

    Step five: After that, you can right click the recording under the “Record” tab and select “Play” to check whether it’s what you want.

    When finish recording, you are also allowed to convert the recording of your chat to other audio format, edit it by cutting, pasting, mixing, deleting or adding, burn it to CDs or directly add it to iTunes.

    As you’d expect, it’s a powerful audio recorder capable of meeting all your needs of audio recording, audio converting, audio editing, CD burning, etc. Feel free to try it!

    Does anyone know how to record Xbox chat?

    I never had the need to record xbox chat until recently and your software does it flawlessly! I have a question for anyone who can answer me, can I, and if I can how do I, transfer the recorded xbox chat content to my iTunes? Is this even a possibility?

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      • Chole : Absolutely yes! Since Streaming Audio Recorder is a comprehensive audio recording program that gives you the ability to convert audio, edit audio, burn CD, search and download songs, transferring audio files to iTunes is no exception. To do that, you can directly select "Add to iTunes" from the drop-down list of "Tools", and then hit the "Add" button to choose the files you want to add to iTunes. Once it’s done, you can click "Start" button to begin the process. Hope this guide helps!
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