• How to record live meeting

    How to record live meeting

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    Recently, our company has employed a part time expat who’s working at home, so we have to attend the online meeting every week to exchange work opinions. We want to record the meeting content and use it to instruct his works. Could you guys offer me some helpful instructions about how to record the live meeting? I will appreciate every advice you provide. Thx!

    How to record live meeting
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    Office Live Meeting is a web-based meeting service provided by Microsoft which enables numbers of attendees to launch presentation, discussion and training. Its convenience wins the favors of the majority of white collar worker. However, many of them fall short in recording live meeting like you, so I’m glad to share two solutions for you.

    Method one: Built-in recorder of Live Meeting

    Microsoft Live Meeting is equipped with a built-in recorder which enables the people who preside over the meeting to record the whole activity of the meeting as High Fidelity Presentation (HFP) file. Plus, your meeting video would be more life-like if you record panoramic video which could record all attendees’ webcam. About how to use the built-in recorder, you can follow the below instructions:

    Step one: Initiate the live meeting with all attendees.

    Step two: Open the pane of video & audio options to check if your webcam and microphone are working well in the meeting.

    Step three: Click “Recording” button to activate recording menu, and then set the “Personal Recording Options” where you can choose recording contents and change output location.

    Step four: Press “Record” to begin live meeting recording.

    Step five: Hit on “Stop” to finish recording and save it in your hard drive when your meeting is over.

    Although the built-in recorder is very convenient to use without the need of a third party application, the output format could only be saved as HFP file which isn’t compatible with common portable devices. So, I’m going to offer another tool which may perform better in recording live meeting.

    Method two: Hassle- free tool – Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    With this powerful application, you are allowed to capture your screen as videos at any size you need and publish to YouTube. Apart from making a HD quality video of your live meeting, screen editor is also available in this screen recorder, which would make your live meeting more demonstrative for you’re allowed to highlight the screen or merely add some text annotations.

    You can follow the below instructions to record live meeting in a better way:

    Step one: Go the website of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, click “Start Recording” to activate the program.

    Step two: Before recording, choose system sound and microphone in the pane of audio input options.

    Step three: You can choose full screen recording mode or record any portion of your screen by dragging a desired region.

    Step four (optional): During the process of recording, if you want to emphasize a portion, just click editing options on the control bar where you can highlight or add your annotations on the screen.

    Step five: Click “Stop” button when you have finished recording then the video would be saved in your hard drive as WMV file.

    Furthermore, this live meeting recorder allows you to schedule recording tasks. Preset the recording time& date, duration and recording region, once the time is on, it would work automatically.

    Once the recording is done, you can navigate to the interface to click on “Upload” to share your video to YouTube, so that your video could be shared online without sending it to every attendee.

    Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a professional screen recorder, besides the amazing functions and recording effects it features, you will find no difficulties in using it. The format of the recorded video is WMV, which is compatible with majority of devices and media players. If you need to convert to other formats like MP4, AVI, and FLV, you can try Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder Pro, its built-in format converter supports converting to various formats. I believe its performance won’t let you down. You can download it by clicking the button below.

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