• How to record live commentary while playing games?

    How to record live commentary while playing games?

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    I am wondering how to record live commentary. I want to record the audio of the game and the voice I speak through the microphone when I’m playing. Hope that someone would help me to solve this problem.

    How to record live commentary while playing games?
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    To capture live commentary, the first thing you should do is to choose a proper audio recorder. I think that Streaming Audio Recorder is a good option for you to record live commentary with high quality. Even better, you can listen to the popular music and radio from a variety of genres.

    Anyway, you can follow the step-by-step guides below.

    Step1, Make sure that your microphone is well-connected to the computer and test whether it works well on computer.

    Step2, Install the Streaming Audio Recorder and launch it.

    Step3, Change the parameter settings of this audio recorder. You can set your desired output format by clicking Recording Settings on the toolbar. The supported formats include MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, etc.

    Step4, Change the default Audio Source into the third option-Both System sound and Microphone. Then you can test whether the sound card and the microphone works normally by clicking the Test button on Recording Settings.

    Step 5, Click the On to start the recording and then begin your game.

    Step6, Click the Off to finish your recording. Now your recording on live commentary is completed.

    Tips for recording live commentary perfectly

    1. In order to make your recording more clearly, you should make sure that you are staying in a quiet environment, otherwise the recordings will be easily affected by the noise.

    2. Adjust computer system sound and microphone sound. The system sound had better not louder than the microphone’s , or it will drown out your voice and lower the sound clarity of your voice.

    Above are the detailed steps on recording live commentary, hope that my answer can help you out.

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