• How to record live audio?

    How to record live audio?

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    I do really like listening live audio, which let me know the affairs around the society timely. But sometimes I may miss some favorite radio programs online when I am busy with other things. So I wonder is there any live audio recorders can help me record the audio for offline listening. Thanks in advance.

    How to record live audio?
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    Live audio is widely spread via various approaches like different series of broadcasting radio programs on air, live radio stations through internet radio player and music stations on live, etc. Many people like to listen to audio on air during their leisure time for relaxing or getting the latest news around them. However, for some unavoidable reasons, sometimes you may miss the live show. In order to help you get the playback audio, here I will provide you with excellent live audio recorder for references.

    Free Software for Live Audio Recording

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a browser-based application so that you have no needs to download or install any plugins while using it. It enables you record the sound either from system or microphone feasibly. In spite of charging free, it’s very simple to use. In case that you don’t know how to record live audio clearly, here comes the step-by-step operating progress:

    • Go to the website of this online audio recorder and click “Start Recording” button.
    • Run the Java applet once a window pops up to remind you.
    • After loading this software, it is available to configure some settings like “Audio Format”, “Output Folder” at your will.
    • Then search a live audio program to listen, back to the software and hit on “Record” to start recording process.
    • Stop recording by pressing the button “Stop”. Then you have got the recorded live audio successfully.

    Though it is workable to record live audio with great ease, it still has some drawbacks. Since it is a free online audio recorder, it only allows to record audio about 3 minutes at most. And the recording progress might be influenced by the internet connection if it is not so good. Anyway, it is still a good audio recorder to utilize for its conveniences.

    Watch the tutorial video below and learn more.

    Professional Program for Recording Live Audio

    If you want to search a more comprehensive and powerful program for live audio recording, then Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder must be the right choice for you. It is a desktop program which is also the upgraded version of the online audio recorder that mentioned before. In that case, you should download and install it on your computer before utilizing. With various useful tools, you can use it as an audio recorder, audio converter, radio player and even MP3 downloader, etc. To get a more general idea, please glance at the detailed instructions below.

    Function One: Audio Recorder

    Here as a live audio recorder, it has many special designed features that distinguish from others. One of its most outstanding highlights is that it can identify the specific information of music tracks such as title, artist, album, etc when it comes to record live streaming music online. The operation of this audio recorder is quite easy, just three clicks: Press “On” to start, “Pause” to suspend and “Off” to stop. After that, it is also possible for you to play the recorded audio on this software directly since it has a built-in player. In addition, the recorded audio file can keep its original quality without any losses which can satisfy your high requirements.

    Function Two: Radio Player

    Aside from recording live audio online, it also can be used as a radio player which has equipped with multiple different genres of radio stations like 80s, Blues, Comedy, etc. You just need to click “Play” tab in the middle menu and then hit on “Radio”. It will list out many recommended radio stations for you to select. No matter which radio station you choose, it is feasible for you to “Play” it online, “Add to my favorites”, “Share” with others or even “Record” it along with listening. In addition, despite those radio genres that this program provides you acquiescently, you can also search the radio station by selecting languages or countries/regions.

    All these two programs described in this article are both workable to record live audio without hassles. That online audio recorder is free and convenient for its quick workaround without payment required. While the desktop audio recorder is a more stable and reliable software that can serve you with various useful tools. Hope you can find a suitable one according to your situation.

    How to record live audio?
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    You could use TunesKit Audio Capture to record live radio with four steps. You can record all the audios playing on the computer and then trim and merge the recorded audios through TunesKit. Finally, you could save them to several plain audio formats. 

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