• How to record Join.me session

    How to record Join.me session

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    Hi guys, have you heard of an online meeting service called Join.me? I need to record the meeting I had with my oversea clients. I know that there’s a built-in recorder in Join.me, while the image quality and resolution are not so satisfying, so I need your suggestions about some useful screen recorders which are able to record Join.me in high quality. Thanks in advance.

    How to record Join.me session
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    Join.me is an online meeting service which allows the users to hold meeting with others over internet. During the process of the session, the presenter could share his or her screen with all attendees and highlight the screen with some annotations and marks. However, the resolution and quality of recorded Join.me session are quite disappointing in recording. What’s worse, the output format of the recorded Join.me is WEBM file which couldn’t be played on the most portable devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Android phone, etc. You can take reference from the screen recorders below to make Join.me recording with high quality.

    Method 1: Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    This application is also an online service which does not require you to download and install. When you run it, you will learn its powerful functions from the intuitive interface at first glance – recording the screen, taking screenshot, scheduling recording task, uploading video to YouTube. Plus, you are allowed to set audio input options to record your voice along with Join.me recording. When you have initiated Join.me and are ready for recording, you can follow the instructions below to make your Join.me session video.

    Step 1: Visit the page of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder and click “Start Recording” to activate the web-based program.

    Step 2: Choose the audio track you need – system sound, microphone or the both. (It’s advisable to choose them both when you want to record your Join.me session completely).

    Step 3: Click “Record” button then choose the recording mode you prefer – take full screen recording or drag a certain region for recording.

    Step 4: Hit on the editing options on the control bar while recording, you will be given various editing options, such as shapes, arrows and text annotations. Use them to emphasize anything important on your screen.

    Step 5: Press “Stop” button to end recording and the video would be saved in your hard drive as WMV file. After that, upload the video directly to YouTube with the built-in YouTube uploader.

    Brief summary:

    Although Join.me allows you to add some annotations on the screen, its simple annotation styles are inferior to Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder’s. And this screen recorder could record Join.me session as WMV file in HD quality which could be supported by most players and portable devices. Besides, there’s a recording task scheduler equipped with it. You can use the scheduler for recording future session even during your absence.

    The video recorded by this tool is in WMV as default, you can turn it to other format with converter which is available in Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. Its built-in converter enables you to convert the video to various formats. You can also use its video editor to trim the video and adjust video effects. Click the button below to download it.

    Method 2: Bandicam

    Bandicam is famous screen recorder for making gaming video, tutorial presentation video and other activities on PC screen. It features recording the screen as AVI or MP4 file in HD quality and the audio track would be saved seperately as WAV file. You can do as follow in Join.me recording:

    Download and install Bandicam on your computer. Click the rectangular button then you will see a recording frame which could be adjusted. Hit on “REC” button to start recording. Bandicam begins to work when its frame turns to red. Press “Stop” button to finish recording and save the video to your hard drive.


    Bandicam is not a 100% free application. The free version of it allows you to have only 10 minutes’ recording, and there will be a watermark attached on the top of each recorded video. You have to purchase to remove the watermark and time limit.

    Method 3: oCam

    Comparing to the former one, oCam provides completely free service for recording and capturing your screen. Its codecs is going to be satisfying that provides multiple formats suit various devices, such as iOS-MPEG AVI, iOS-MPEG MP4, MOV, etc. The operation steps of using it are very simple.

    Drag down the options of “Codecs” to choose desired format then click “Sound” button to set audio input. Adjust the size of recording frame then click “Record” to get started. When you have finished recording, press “Stop” and you can find the recorded video by clicking the button of “Open”.


    In terms of the video quality, all of those methods could do an excellent job in Join.me recording. However, Bandicam fails to record for more than 10 minutes if you are an unregistered user. Though oCam is free and equipped with a powerful codecs, some users complain that they were annoyed by the ads from oCam. Furthermore, taking an overall view on the whole functions of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder and oCam, the former is free from ads, recording time limit and watermark. What’s more, the scheduler and YouTube uploader could bring convenience in your recording and sharing.

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