• How to record Happy Wheels gameplay video

    How to record Happy Wheels gameplay video

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    Hi there, I have recently found an amusing game – Happy Wheels, maybe it’s a little gory. I just want to capture the movements in game as a video, is it feasible? Any useful application recommended to record Happy Wheel gameplay video? I can accept the software with cost, only if it won’t too expensive. Your kind suggestion will be appreciated. Thx in advance.

    How to record Happy Wheels gameplay video
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    Happy Wheels is a popular online game that allows gamers to share game maps they create. The main tone of this game maybe labeled as goriness, black humor and grotesqueness. Nevertheless, it attracts numerous gamers and lots of them focus on making challenging game maps and sharing their excellent feat in Happy Wheels. To make this task, there’re some professional recorders workable for this job, such as Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder and Fraps. You may check the following parts to learn how to record Happy Wheels gameplay video with these tools.

    Method 1: Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    As its name indicates, this application is a web-based program that is totally free. That means you don’t have to download or install this application on your computer. More than that, it’s capable of recording HD quality video as well as capturing game sounds and your voice. Also, various formats are available for output video like AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV, etc. You can check the following instruction to record Happy Wheels.

    • Visit the site of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder then click “Start Recording” on its main page. The program will pop-up within several seconds.
    • Upon the interface, configure recording settings in “Tools” > “Options” (You are allowed to choose hotkeys, desired format, Frame rate, etc.).
    • Click “Audio input” to choose an audio source you need (You can choose system sound to record pure gameplay video and choose both Mic and system sound to add your voice in video).
    • Drop down “Record” menu and click “Region”, then drag a recording area on Happy Wheels game window.
    • During recording, you can mark and annotate something in Happy Wheels with the given editing options (rectangle, circle, arrow, text, etc.).
    • Press “Stop” button to end recording and save the gameplay video in your disk.

    After Happy Wheels recording, it’s feasible to upload your Happy Wheels video to YouTube and FTP server by using the built-in video uploader. This is great when you want to share your videos with others. If you prefer, you can click “Upload” button then choose “Upload to YouTube” or “Upload to FTP”.

    In addition, it comes with a screenshot tool which is very handy to snap screen as images. Absolutely, you can make use of it to capture game scene as well.

    Screenshot Happy Wheels

    Keep the program running and begin your game, once you have seen some interesting scene in Happy Wheels, just press “Screenshot” button to capture them as images. Also, it comes with a quick editor that allows you to make some editings on screenshot. You can also click “Upload” button to upload the screenshot to cloud storage for sharing, this way also saves disk space.

    If you do not want to load the program on webpage every time, you may consider using its desktop version that comes in handy when you want to record your screen. You can click the button to download it.

    Method 2: Fraps

    The second Happy Wheels recorder is Fraps. This tool is famous for its excellent performance in recording gameplay videos. It records video in HD resolution along with multiple sound inputs (System sound, Stereo, Multichannel and external input). In the meanwhile, it lets you to adjust frame rate based on your preference. Besides, the built-in screenshot tool allows you to capture your game scene as images in formats of BMP, JPG, PNG and TGA.

    The exact operation steps are as follow.

    • Download Fraps from official site then install it on your PC.
    • Customize recording settings upon the interface (Hotkeys, FPS, Frametimes, etc.).
    • Resume to Happy Wheels then press F9 (default) to start recording.
    • When the game is over, press F9 again to finish recording and the video will be saved in your hard drive.

    Notes: Fraps is not for free, you are allowed to record video for no more than 30 seconds in trial version.

    Wishing you have learned how to record Happy Wheels from above tutorial. Both of these two applications are capable enough for recording Happy Wheels videos. Whereas, comparing with Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, Fraps is not free and falls short in supporting other advanced functions like real time editor and video uploader. The first solution is the most recommended.

    How to record Happy Wheels gameplay video
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