• Any ways to record Chatroulette?

    Any ways to record Chatroulette?

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    I do love chatting and making new friends through Chatroulette. I want to record Chateoulette for keeping some amusing conversations, however, I don’t know how to do. I used to search some recorders on Google, but they are either too complicated to operate or have time limit in recording. So I seek helps in this forum and hope someone can give me valuable advices. Thank you!

    Any ways to record Chatroulette?
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    Chatroulette is a free online chatting application that attracts the people from different places together for webcam-based conversations. The people could have a live chat with each other without downloading or installation, these features attract a large variety of users. Sometimes, people need to record the conversation for reviewing latter, however, they don’t know how to do. In order to help people to solve this problem, I will introduce two free applications, both of which could successfully record Chatroulette without any hassles.

    Method 1: Utilize a free online screen recorder

    There’s a powerful application named Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, which supports recording video with audio simultaneously. The video recorded this way could be saved in chosen format. The following steps will tell you how to record the conversation with this Chatroulette recorder.

    Step 1: Launch Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    Visit the website, and then click the button of “Start Recording”, press the “Run” button of the Java applet once it pops up, and then the application will be activated.

    Step 2: Select region to start recording

    Press the drop-down menu of “Record” drag a region on the chat window of Chatroulette, full screen or customize region. Upon the confirmation of the capture region, a taskbar will emerge below it, on which you can pause to record Chartoulette, press “Stop” button to finish and save the video. You can then control over the recording process by using the taskbar.

    Tips: While recording the screen, you can pause the recording and add comments or annotations to the region.

    Additional step 1: Convert and trim video

    The default format of the video recorded by Apowersoft Screen Recorder is .wmv. Go to “Option”> “Converter”, and then you will be led to a webpage on which you can convert the format and trim the video as your preference.

    Additional step 2: Upload the video

    If you want to share your conversation via social network, then you will find this option comes in handy. Click “Upload” button to start with uploading so that you can share your interesting conversation via the link to your video on YouTube or other sites.

    If you don’t expect to follow the steps of launching the online application every time when you need to record the sceeen, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro the desktop program is also available, and its running speed is faster than the online one.

    Method 2: Bandicam

    Bandicam is also a free and useful screen recorder that allows the users to capture and record what’s happening on your computer screen as a video or image. The simple interface could release users from complicated operation. So, if you want to record the conversation on Chatroulette, this application would be a useful tool.

    Step 1: Download and install Bandicam

    Go to the website of Bandicam, and then download the Bandicam and install it in your computer.

    Step 2: Select the region to record

    Click the rectangular button to start with recording frame, and then drag a region on the dialogue of Chatroulette or use the hotkeys to resize the region for recording it. You can save your favorite size of capture window into profile and use it by a single click the next time.

    Step 3: Start recording

    Press the “REC” button to start recording when you have finished selecting. The video would be saved as your local file when you click stop button.

    Plus, though Bandicam is easy-to-use, it’s not a completely free program and needs you to buy a license to remove the watermark comes with your recorded video.It’s a little inconvenient that Bandicam doesn’t support video editing or format conversion. Comparing with Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. This program seems to be suitable for the people who are no in need of editing the video.

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