• Do you know how to record audio on MacBook Pro?

    Do you know how to record audio on MacBook Pro?

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    Recently I bought a MacBook Pro and want to record audio on it. But I found that the audio recorder I used on Windows is not workable anymore. So I want to find another audio recorder which can do it in the same manner for recording music, radio, lectures or other sounds on MacBook Pro. Do you have any ideas?

    Do you know how to record audio on MacBook Pro?
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    MacBook Pro is a special type of Intel’s core notebook computer with various diversities in functions and projects, which is a star among the Apple products. However, many users of it have the same annoyance that the audio recorder they use on Windows is not compatible with MacBook Pro. So they are yearning to know how to record audio on MacBook Pro with a workable software just like you. So in this tutorial, I will introduce some efficient ways to help you do the recording job.

    The Best Way of Recording Audio on MacBook Pro

    If you ask me the best software to do this job, that must be Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac. As its name says, it is a specialized program for Mac users, and allows you record any audios from system, microphone or even line-in devices. To use it, you have to download and install it on your MacBook Pro firstly.

    Activate this program and you could have a glance at the interface as illustrated:

    And then click “Record” icon to start and finish recording while play the audio on your MacBook Pro. It is indeed a user-friendly program which is worth trying in the first place.

    Given that this audio recorder for MacBook is the best choice for you, it also has some drawbacks. To figure out whether it’s the right choice for your scenario, check for the detailed information from merits to demerits below.


    • With this recorder, you can record audio on MacBook Pro in high quality without time limitation, which means that it supports to record as long as you wish.
    • The automatic identification function can help you get the information of the music tracks including the title, artist, year, album and genre.
    • This software supports to exports audio formats such as OGG, MP3, M4R, M4A, etc. You can choose one among them according to your need.
    • Aside from recording audio, it has other extra functions like transferring audio file to iTunes directly, simple editing function, etc.
    • It has a built-in player for you to listen to music directly on the software without having to switch to another music player.
    • The software can skip the silent part intelligently caused by unstable network during recording process.
    • When you want to record audio in a certain time, it is also possible for you to create scheduled recordings by adjusting the settings of starting and stopping time with this tool.


    • It seems like the function of editing audio is still undergoing optimization, it is impossible for you to do some complicate tasks such as cutting, trimming or adding audio effects.
    • Another common drawback of desktop software is that you should download and install it before using and it also charges money for downloading.

    Another Nice App for Audio Recording on MacBook Pro

    Ondesoft Audio Recorder is an alternative choice you could select. This tool is mainly used for recording message calls through Skype, iChat, Gtalk and other applications. Also it is available to capture streaming audio online from various sites like YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes radio, etc.

    Comparing with the former application, the operation of it is a little complicated. To record audio on MacBook Pro successfully, firstly, choose “Application” column and then click the plus-shaped icon to add audio sources such as iTunes. Next, play the audio, at the same time you can record it by clicking red round button. In the bottom of the interface, you will see the recording progress and the information of the audio track. Just hit on the square-shaped icon to stop recording, after that you can enjoy the recorded audio.

    These two tools are both workable on your MacBook Pro. You can choose a desired one as you need. Just give it a go!

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