• How to record audio from Firefox?

    How to record audio from Firefox?

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    Is it possible to record audio from my browser? When surfing the net, sometimes I find some nice music but do not know how to save them. The browser which I am using now is Firefox. Could you please offer me some suggestions?

    How to record audio from Firefox?
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    If you often play songs on the Internet, you will find that most of them are encoded and protect from direct downloading. Then with regard to radio stations, the shows are live audio stream which cannot be captured by music downloaders. In this case, for saving the audio online, you are suggested to use an audio recording tool. Based on your habit, if you love to use Firefox, an audio recorder for Firefox is needed.

    Three programs for recording audio on Firefox

    1. Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder is desktop software which is capable of recording audio from browsers, music apps, voice chatting tools and external Microphone in high quality. As long as you can hear the sound on computer, the software can help you record it. By default, the audio will be output in MP3 file, but you also can customize the output format to WAV, WMV, OGG, FLAC and etc. Check the instructions and see how to record audio from Firefox with it.

    • Hit the green button to download the audio recorder, then install and launch it.
    • Click the “Settings” menu and choose “Settings” option.
    • In “General settings”, you can enable the hotkeys for recording audio conveniently. Then, switch to “Record settings”, set “Audio Source” as “System Sound” and set “Audio Quality” as you like.
    • Click “Record” icon, play a song, a video or radio shows with your Firefox.
    • Then audio recording will start when it detects audio on your computer.
    • Hit the “Record” icon again, the recording will stop instantly.
    • Enter “Library” interface, the recorded file is listed there. And you can do lots of operations by utilizing the corresponding function buttons.

    Except record music, this powerful program has an inlaid search engine which supports you to search and download songs.

    2. SoundTap

    This is another easy and efficient Firefox audio recorder that you can try. It has a simple interface, even newbie can handle it without effort. Apart from recording sound, it also can convert and edit files. However, you should install extension for doing these jobs. Since its main function is focus on recording, let’s check how to use it below.

    • Download and install SoundTap on your PC.
    • On the interface, hit “Options”, adjust “Recording Folder” and “Sound input device” there.
    • When coming across your interested audio, click “Start Recording” button at once.
    • For ending recording job, simply click “Stop recording” button.
    • Click “Find&Play” icon, you will see the recorded audio.

    3. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    The last option I want to share here is Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder – a web-based app which is able to record sound from Firefox. It is totally free and safe. Better still, it is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac. Note that the app has different interfaces on the two operating systems, however the operations are similar.

    To begin with, click “Start Recording”, enable Java to activate the recorder. The app records audio from system by default. Thus, you can just play a song or other audio on Firefox, then hit “Record” icon. During recording, you can use the “Pause” icon to pause or resume recording. After recording, the audio will show on the interface. Right-click the file, then you can select the features like “Play”, “Rename”, “Convert”, “Open Folder” and others.

    Which tool do you prefer? If you have better options, hope you can share with us.

    How to record audio from Firefox?

    The first program worked for me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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