• How to Make Videos for your Android/iOS Gameplay
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    How to Make Videos for your Android/iOS Gameplay

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    As a game lover, you may want to make your own video shows about your Android or iOS gameplay like me. Here we go, I will show you how to do this!?

    Step One: Display Your Mobile Screen on Your Computer

    In this step, you will need a screen mirroring tool. You can choose a tool in the market, also, Apowersoft has several programs with such function. For me, I am using ApowerMirror. It is cool, you can display mobile screen to the computer and even control Android from PC. 


    1.      Download ApowerMirror from its website.


    2.      For Android, use USB or WiFi to connect mobile to PC. For iOS, turn on AirPlay and find your device to make the connection.

    3.      You can click “Full Screen” to display your screen in a bigger size.


    However, it has one disadvantage that you cannot stream the sound of Android to PC. Don’t worry! It has a solution: you can use Chromecast or Google Home to cast Android to ApowerMirror via WiFi and then the sound can be heard from PC. For iOS users, you don’t need to worry about this issue.


    Step Two: Record the Screen


    You can click “Record” on ApowerMirror to record your mobile game directly and share it on your Channel. But in case you want to record both you and the screen, here you can try Apowersoft’s Free Online Screen Recorder.


    1.      Go to its website and launch the screen recorder.

    Free Online Screen Recorder

    2.      Set the record the region and hit “Rec”.

    3.      You can click the camera icon on the tool bar and then you can record the webcam and screen at the same time.


    Step Three: Make the Video


    You can share the video, but for better performance, you can use ApowerEdit to add more elements to your videos.


    Now, share your excellent gameplay video on your channel! ?

    How to Make Videos for your Android/iOS Gameplay
    Ada Reed
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    Nice Sharing! ?

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