• How to export voice memos
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    How to export voice memos

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    A voice memo is an audio message often used to remind someone of something. As our memory capacity is limited, it will be very useful to record important information by using voice memos. However, when more and more voice memos stored on your iPhone, the storage of the device will be used up sooner or later. In order to well backup these memos, you can learn how to put voice memos on computer. After acquiring this tip, you can freely record as many voice memos as you want.

    Apowersoft Phone Manager is a widely-used mobile management software available on the market. It is famous for its utility to manage voice memos. If you use this phone manage to export voice memos to computer, it would be rather easy. This phone manager enables you to move your voice memos to PC from two channels. Now get started with the following steps:

    Channel one:export voice memos under the “Notes” column

    • Download this voice memo transfer tool from download button below and install it on your PC.
    • Download

    • Connect your iPhone to computer by using USB cable. Click the “Trust” button when a notification box pops up on your devices asking whether you trust the app or not.
    • Click “Notes” and locate “Voice Memos” where you can see all your voice memos saved on your devices.
    • Select those voice memos you want to transfer and then hit on “Export” button. Within a minute, you can sync voice memos to computer.

    Channel two: export voice memos under the “File” column.

    • Connect your iPhone to computer.
    • Run the Apowersoft Phone Manager, switch to Files panel.
    • Clicking “User System” > “Recordings”, and then you will find all your voice memos (usually with m4a extension name) in the right panel.
    • Select the voice memos and then click “Export” button. It will be done just in a while.
    • Disconnect your iPhone from computer by clicking “Disconnect” button after completion.

    In addition to using Apowersoft Phone Manager to put voice memos on computer, you can also make use of it to delete some useless voice memos or import them from other devices. This phone manager is a multifunctional tool, which also allows you to manage, view, restore, backup mobile or tablet files including music, videos, contacts, apps, bookmarks, notes, sms, call logs and wallpapers on PC.

    How to export voice memos

    1. Connect iPhone to your computer.
    2. In iTunes, select iPhone in the sidebar.
    3. Select the Music tab.
    4. Select the “Include voice memos” checkbox and click Apply.
    If you follow this way to export your voice memos from iPhone to computer, you’re successful. On the other way, AirDrop supports to transfer this data to other iOS devices or Mac.

    How to export voice memos

    My iPhone is not working anymore, can i use this way to export data from it?

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