• How to download videos from TV.com

    How to download videos from TV.com

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    I really feel exhausted looking for a downloader to download videos from TV.com. any suggestion? Thanks a lot!!

    How to download videos from TV.com
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    TV.com is the right place to watch TV shows, read episode reviews, and join discussions with other fans. However, many users, like you feel frustrated because they haven’t found any method to download TV shows free since videos on that site are streamed through RTMP protocol. Next, I will give you a quick guide.

    In order to download successfully, you need to make use of Video Download Capture. Therefore, at the beginning, please install it in your computer.

    1.Launch the program;
    3.Find the video that you want to download, and copy its URL;
    4.Click “Advanced Video Detector” button in the main interface of this program;
    5.Paste video’s URL in link bar in the newly pop up window;
    6.Tap on “Go”.

    After going back to the main interface, you can see that video is being downloaded. When it completes, downloaded video will be automatically saved automatically in a folder. So if you want to save it in a specified one, please set it before downloading. Besides TV shows, you can also download episodes from TV.com. If you are eager to share your feeling after watching, then share it in fans community, a special service provided by TV.com, you will find many people with resonance.


    • After downloading videos from TV.com successfully, perhaps you will be depressed again. Because the downloaded video is not compatible with your digital devices. Fortunately, this free downloader can also be used as a converter. With it, videos can be converted into varied formats, even an Apple device can find a suitable format here. Therefore, users can download videos from TV.com without any worries behind.

    • Users of TV.com all know that there are a lot of live shows or teleplays online. Though they can’t be downloaded, you can save them in your computer by another way—— recording screen. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is a professional screen recorder which can record audio simultaneously, from both system and microphone. What is prominent is that you are able to create a scheduled task by presetting the start time and duration. Thus, you can record screen video without staying in front of the computer for long time.

    Additional tip that may help you

    How to download TV.com videos on Mac

    Since computers of Mac OS is becoming increasingly popular, here I also provide the method to download from TV.com on Mac. Under this system, you should use another TV video downloader—— Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac. As you can see from its name, it is designed only for Mac with a build-in browser which makes searching videos much easier. Downloading steps are as follow. Click “Go” after entering TV.com’s website into address bar on “detector” interface. Then you will be directed to TV.com, click the video to be downloaded. Few seconds later, it will be downloaded automatically.

    There is an easier way to download on Mac. When visiting TV.com, you meet a video you want to download. Copy its link and click “Paste URL” button on the interface of Downloader. Now, just wait a moment, your video will be downloaded completely.

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