• How to download RTSP/MMS video
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    How to download RTSP/MMS video

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    If you often watch videos or listen to the radio online, you must discovered that these media streams are streamed through different protocols. Say it specifically, when you open a video, the webpage link address may begins with HTTP, HTTPS, RTSP, MMS or others. Perhaps, you are familiar with HTTP and HTTPS because they are adopted by majority of video sites. And you also masters some knacks to download them off net. But speaking of RTSP or MMS videos, you may feel a little strange. Certainly, you don’t have any solution on how to download RTSP and MMS video. To remove your confusions, i’ll explain some knowledge about these two protocols.

    RTSP, also known as Real Time Streaming Protocol, is a network control protocol. This kind of protocol is created by Columbia University, Netscape and RealNetworks. Generally speaking, it offers an efficient system to deliver real-time video and audio data over the Internet. In this case, the protocol supports to stream videos, radios, live shows or video conferences for both groups of viewers and individual viewers. You can find RTSP videos from YouTube, BBC, Metaverse and more sites.

    The URL is like this:

    MMS is short for Microsoft Media Server which can be transported via UDP or TCP. With it, multimedia data can be streamed fluently through the whole net. The protocol used to stream Windows Media like live or prerecorded video and audio content to your computer without downloading it onto your hard drive.

    Here’s the URL example:

    To download from RSTP/MMS, you should draw support from a workable download helper. Video Download Capture is exactly the one that you need. It is an all-in-one program which allows you to download RTSP/MMS video streams and play them with build-in video player or any preferred player.

    1. Please make sure you are using Video Download Capture v4.3.3 or above version.
    2. You’ll need a MMS-link or RTSP-link for downloading videos from RTSP/MMS protocol. This type of URL usually starts with rtsp:// or mms:// and ends with .asf, .wmv etc. If you don’t have the link, open the video in your Windows Media player, select Properties and copy the URL location:

    3. Then simply paste the link into your Video Download Capture and click Add to download button. The tool will automatically download RTSP/MMS stream.

    4. After video downloading task completed, just right-click on it and select Play to playback use the build-in video player.

    It’s Okay. Please remember that Video Download Capture not only can download RTSP/MMS videos, but also works well with downloading HTTP, HTTPS, RTMP and other kinds of online streams. Moreover, the inlaid video converter enbles you to convert downloaded RTSP and MMS videos to varieties of formats.

    How to download RTSP/MMS video


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