• Do you know how to download R&B songs?

    Do you know how to download R&B songs?

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    I love R. Kelly and his R&B music. He is a really charming singer that attracts me for many years. However recently I have come up with a problem that I don’t know how to download R&B MP3 for offline playback. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    Do you know how to download R&B songs?
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    R&B, which is short for Rhythm and Blues, is a special genre of music style that created by African-Americans between the end of World War II. It has combined the soulful singing with a strong rhythm sensation, which makes listeners wave along its melody involuntarily. But unfortunately, most of the R&B music tracks online doesn’t support to be downloaded for offline listening. So if you want to download free R&B songs, you are in need of some fantastic audio recorders to grab music off the web. In that case, here this post will introduce some recommendable audio recorders for Windows and Mac users.

    Online Way for Downloading R&B MP3 on Windows and Mac

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a rarely special web-based online application that can be utilized on Windows and Mac. It enables you to record sound both from hard drive and microphone in 1:1 quality. Without downloading and installation, it is indeed a user-friendly online tool for recording R&B music. To use this online tool to download R&B songs is extremely simple. Let’s see the detailed instructions below.

    • Go to the site of this audio recorder and click “Start Recording”.
    • Then Java applet will show up, just press “Run” to enable it. The free audio recorder will be loaded in a while.
    • Configure some audio settings before recording, set “Audio Format”, “Output Folder” and “Audio Input” as you like.
    • Stream R&B music online and find your favorite song to record, play it and hit on “Start” to begin the recording process.

    • Click “Stop” to finish recording. You can check the recorded audio by pressing “Open Folder” on its interface.

    Though this online application is great to download free R&B songs online, it still has some demerits. It only allows you to record sound for 3 minutes at most, which means that you can just record one song for once. And when using this tool on Mac, it doesn’t support to identify the detailed information of music tracks. Anyway, it is convenient for you to grab R&B music tracks online.

    Advanced Program for R&B Songs Download on Mac

    Unlike those uncountable similar audio recorders on Windows, it is a little difficult to find an awesome audio recorder on Mac. So here I want to share you with a great Mac audio recorder – Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac. It is the upgraded version of that online tool described above, which is more powerful and professional than that. The operation of this software to download R&B MP3 is quite easy. You just need to click the red round icon on its interface to control the recording progress feasibly.

    After recording, it is available for you to listen to the recorded audio on its built-in player by hitting the “Play” icon. More than that, it has a default playlist in the “Library” column, where all of your recorded R&B songs are here. One of its greatest features is that this program has equipped with an auto-identification, which is able to recognize the detailed music information correctly.

    Aside from R&B songs download, it is also possible for you to edit or convert the audio file at your will with great ease. It happens that you may want to cut a small part of a recorded R&B song as your ringtone. Then you can do this task with its audio editor, which supports to cut any part of the audio file as you like. As for audio converter, since some of the devices like iPod or iPad are not compatible with some audio formats such as WMA and WAV, you should convert them to other applicable format for utilizing.

    Generally viewing these two audio recorders, it seems that Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is the most perfect choice for you considering its basic functions and convenient features. But for Mac users, Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac is more suitable to download R&B songs for its remarkable functions that can satisfy your various requirements without hassles.

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