• how to download mp3 files only

    how to download mp3 files only

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    Is there a way to limit the results to mp3 files only?
    Every time I do a search, it turns up with mainly or only m4a files (video/Youtube) which I have no interest in.
    I don’t use iTunes – I only need ‘oldfashioned’ mp3 files I can use/play on my computer and mp3 player (NOT iPod).
    Any suggestions on how to do that? I tried adding mp3 to the search title, but it still comes up with m4a and other file types

    how to download mp3 files only
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    Hello, sorry for the late reply.

    Actually we have several music programs, since you have not specify you used software, it is difficult for me to offer the suitable suggestions. However, we tested the function and found the search results are mainly MP3, HD audio, WAV and etc. So, if you could offer me more info about the software and your operations, I could do more related study about it.

    Thanks for your feedback. It is true that the build-in search engine of our program does not have the filter function currently. We will try to optimize the this function in the future.

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