• How to download MOG music simply?

    How to download MOG music simply?

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    I love listening to music and radio shows on mog.com, so I have subscribed to the site for several months. Recently I’m always thinking about downloading MOG music for playing on my iPod when outside the house. Also, I want to make ringtone with the songs for mobile. How can I begin the job? :?:

    How to download MOG music simply?
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    MOG is a web-based music platform which provides 16 million songs, sound tracks, audio clips, radio programs and other kinds of music. After you become a subscriber with some payment, you will have the capability to play music on MOG freely. However, if you cannot access to the Internet, then it is impossible to get music on MOG site. In order to listen to good music without restriction, the feasible option is to download music from MOG and save them to computer.

    Below are the practical tools for downloading MOG audio, songs and radio.

    Option 1: Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    This free audio recorder saves your time on installing the extra program or addon on your computer. To use it, you only need to activate it on the browser directly. Also, it saves your money to purchase the program because the audio recorder is totally free. It is super easy to operate, just follow the instructions:

    • Go to Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder page, click “Start Recording” button to launch the application.
    • Java applet will show up, click “OK” to allow it to run. In a short while, the recorder will be loaded.
    • To download MOG music in high quality, click “Options” and specify the output format as standard MP3. Then, hit “Audio Input” to adjust the audio input source as “System Sound”.
    • Play the songs or playlist on mog.com, then back to the app’s interface, click “Record”, “Pause” and “Stop” icons to control music recording.

    That’s done. Next, click “Open Folder” to find the recorded MOG songs or radio shows.

    Option 2: Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder is a professional and comprehensive program which endows you ability to record online music, radio, VoIP chat, podcast and even voice through microphone. It is more advanced than the first mentioned app since it is more stable and powerful. Say it in specific, you can use Streaming Audio Recorder on both Windows and Mac OS, you are also enabled to record audio in various formats and qualities. Moreover, this software comes with additional function like audio editing, CD burning and music searching. When you download music with it, it will identify the music information and add ID tags for the songs. Let’s see the detailed usage of this MOG downloader now.

    1. Click the above icon to download the software, follow the guide to install it immediately.

    2. Run the software and configure settings in “Settings” menu. It’s convenient for you to customize the hotkeys for controlling audio recording process. Then, set audio source and output directory as you desire.

    3. Visit MOG, listen to the music you like. Hit red “On” icon on Streaming Audio Recorder and hit “Off” icon to when recording finishes.

    Then, assuming you hope to send MOG songs to iPod, just utilize “Add to iTunes” feature of this software. Firstly, right-click on the recorded files in task list, select “Add to iTunes” item. Secondly, import all the songs to the program. Thirdly, click “Convert” to convert songs to iPod compatible format. At the same time, the songs will be synced to iTunes library. Finally, connect your iPod device to computer and update the data and files.

    Extended knowledge: How to make ringtone with MOG music

    Just like Anderson, many people wish to create ringtones by themselves. Then, you can refer to the knacks here.

    After you download MOG songs using Streaming Audio Recorder, you can edit it effortlessly. Hit “Tools” tab and choose “Audio Editor”, then drag the songs to the editor. According to your need, you can cut, merge or mix the songs. Also, you have the ability to add effects to the music. The last step is to choose the certain part you want and click “Save as” button to export the audio clip. In this case, you can personalize your ringtone at will.

    How to download MOG music simply?

    Before using the Apowersoft software, all of my ringtones were just the start of a song and that was it which worked for some songs but not all of them. Now I can take any part of the song and create a ringtone that almost makes me not want to answer the phone just so I can listen to it some more!

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