• How to download Livestream replay

    How to download Livestream replay

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    I have just bought pro version. I have tried to download from livestream (offline), when I opened the site, video capture did not work automatically. then when I tried to fill in the blank box to download, it opened new window of the site, the video is on screen, but there was no down loading.
    Video detector is on, I tried also decrypt https, still not work. Any suggestion or recommendation?

    How to download Livestream replay
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    Sorry for later reply, you downloaded the past event from Livestream? Actually, as long as you enable the video detector, it will be added into the download queue. I am just testing on my PC and everything proves to work normally. The moment I open a video that has been broadcast for playing, the advanced sniffer immediately grab the video. You may refer to the screenshots as below:

    And if you have tried several times and failed to work again, you are suggested to uninstall the program and re-install it on your PC. If finally have no luck, then could you please send some example urls to me so that I can figure it out? Thanks for your suggestion and feedback.

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