• How to download game trailers

    How to download game trailers

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    I want to download game trailers to my portable player so I can have fun when boring. Some trailers allow me to download directly but most of them don’t permit me the authority. Can I download these trailers still? How can I manage it?

    How to download game trailers
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    Hi Stephanie, thanks for your question and I’ll give you some available solutions for your reference. As you didn’t remind which site do you want to download game trailers, here I’ll recommend some popular relevant websites first.


    This is a well-known website allowing users to upload and download videos. There are many game trailers when you type search terms of “game trailers” in the searching engine. Moreover, you can watch the popularity degree by checking its subscribers and viewers. The site is really a good platform storing amounts of videos that you can download.


    This website offers various types of streaming videos, game torrents and games with different genres. You can select a favorite one from the abundant of sources and also, game trailer download to your PC is a good option from this website.


    Gametrailers is an integrated camp for game players, where players can upload videos, create individual blogs and communicate with each other in forums. The website, as known as GT, provides many game trailers for players to choose. If you like the game, you can download the program directly from the offered link.

    How to download video game trailers

    After knowing where to download the trailers, let’s have a look how to manage it. Actually, as the formats of video games are different, we should employ relevant method to conduct downloading. The following will introduce two methods you can take for a reference.

    Method one: Video Download Capture

    This downloader is commonly applicable to many videos that you can use it without concern as it can absolutely satisfy your needs to download game trailer. It is powerful due to its comprehensive functions like downloading videos, recording screen and converting videos to other formats. Facing different types of videos, you can employ relevant functions. The next will give elaborate instructions under different conditions.

    1. Download trailers from YouTube

    For example, if you want to download game trailers from YouTube, You can download the videos only with one step. Before turn to the guides, you can download and install it first.

    • After install the applet, run the tool first.
    • Then paste video URL into download bar.
    • Click “Add to Download” button and then it pops up a window asking for format selection.
    • Choose a preferred format and click “OK”.
    • Then it starts to download.

    Tips: This downloader supports to bulk download at once. You can employ this function to download playlist, which saves your time and energy from downloading videos one by one. The process is the same as above that you just need to type the playlist URL into download bar. Then it will capture all the video files and you have authority to select part or all of them. And then add the videos into download list.

    2. Download trailers automatically

    If you want to download trailers from sites like Gametrailers, you can employ its auto detector function. The detector can capture video file and then add it to download list automatically. The job can be handled by this tool completely when you are watching the favorite videos. It’s very convenient that you can step further for the detailed instructions.

    • Run the program and the detector is activated by default.
    • Keep the auto-detector running.
    • Play your preferred video.
    • The detector will capture and download the video automatically.
    • Wait a while and you can watch the video with built-in player.

    3. Record encrypted trailers

    As many video owners fail to make game trailers download to PC, because the videos have been encrypted or made settings before uploaded. Under this circumstance, the only applicable method is to record video trailer as it is impossible to find a program which can decode the encryption. The recording process is very easy that you can proceed according to the following guides.

    • Turn to the “Record Screen” tab.
    • Customize the target video by selecting available options, such as record screen or audio only, record with or without audio, personalize the record region.
    • Click “Start” to record.

    Method two: Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac

    This application is uniquely designed for Mac users to download video game trailers. If you are a Mac user, this should be your first option as it runs seamlessly on Mac computer. The interface is exquisite that you can download and install it first to have an experience.

    • Run the program first after installation.
    • Copy video link address and then back to the program, click “Paste URL”.
    • Choose a format if it provides format options, then click “OK”.
    • It starts to download and wait a while.

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