• How to download Comedy Central videos?

    How to download Comedy Central videos?

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    I am a talk show fan. I like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Because of my job, I have no time watching TV. A friend of mine recommended me a website called Comedy Central which updates The Daily Show and The Colbert Show on a daily basis. Thanks for the sites which provide a record of live videos so that I could stream them after work, but I still prefer to view them offline. Sadly, I cannot find a way to download video from Comedy Central. May someone give me some hints? Thank you in advance!

    How to download Comedy Central videos?
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    According to your question, you do not have much time waiting in front of the TV for your favorite programs cause the life pace is becoming faster and faster. So you turn to the streaming sites for help. Comedy Central is a website which provides a mass of funny videos, such as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Watching it offline would be a good choice for us to relieve stress after a hard day’s work or to cheer up when we are in blue. Just like most video sites, it only provides streaming service while there’s no download option available. Then how to perform video download becomes a problem that cannot be solved without using tools. Therefore, a powerful and easy-to-use video downloader comes as necessity.

    How to download video from Comedy Central

    Video Download Capture is your ideal choice which can download videos from many streaming sites like Comedy Central, YouTube, Break, Funnyordie, etc. With this app, download video for offline viewing will be a piece of cake to you.

    Check out how to download Comedy Central videos in an easy way.

    1. Download and install the program
    Click the download button below for quick downloading.

    2. Find the video you want
    Visit the Comedy Central website and find the video you want to download. Copy the video URL.

    3. Comedy Central download
    Double click to launch the App. As the auto detector was enabled by default, when you browse the comedy central video site, the video clips will be automatically detected and added to the download list. If you prefer not to download every clip streamed on this site and only pick up the ones you need, turn off the auto detector. And then you can simply paste the URL in the download box and click “Add to download”.

    4. Find target folder of the downloaded videos
    Right click the video in the download list after the downloads complete, select “Open Folder”, you will find the videos you downloaded.

    Tips: Download Full-length Comedy Central videos

    For downloading protected full-length videos that are streamed through RTMP protocols, you can select “Advanced Video Detector”. Then a built-in video browser will appear. You just need to paste the URL in the download box and click “Go”, the video will be added automatically to the download list.

    Burn audio to CD

    While you are driving, it is a good way to kill time by listening to the talk show. So if you want to listen to talk show on your car radio, you can try to convert videos to MP3 format by using VDC built-in converter. Select “Convert” and click “Add” to add video. Choose the output profile and select MP3 as target format. Then click “Start” button to convert. If the video cannot be downloaded, you can simply choose “Record Screen” function, select “Record only audio”, and then click “start” to record Comedy Central videos in MP3 format.

    Watch this demo to review the steps again

    Download Comedy Central videos on Mac System

    If you are a Mac System user, you can use Video Downloader for Mac. It’s a professional video downloader for Mac System with simple interface and practical functions. You can download Comedy Central videos through it by following these steps.

    • Download and install. After installation, double click the “Video Downloader for Mac” icon to launch the App.

    • Find the video you want to download from Comedy Central and copy the video URL.

    • Click “Paste URL”, the video will be downloaded automatically to your PC. It features video detector function, but you need to play the video in the built-in web browser. When you visit the streaming sites through the built-in browser, it will grab the video automatically as soon as you play it.

    • Find the target folder of the downloaded videos. Click the video in the download list with your Mouse Right, select “Open Folder”, and then you can find the videos you download.

    Tips: Watch while downloading:

    For most talk show, there are many episodes. If you want to download a large count of episodes, just check “add batch URLs” function, you can download approximately 20 videos simultaneously. And with the built-in media player, you can check the finished videos when waiting for the others

    Format suggestion

    This App offers variety kinds of output formats and resolutions for downloading. If you want to edit some comedy videos, I recommended you to download Comedy Central videos in Mp4 format. Because it is the most widely accpeted through editing software. You can edit your video without convert to other kinds of formats. This would save your time.

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