• Can you tell me how to download BBC audio?

    Can you tell me how to download BBC audio?

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    I am an international student from India, my English is poor. I want to improve my English. So I often listen to BBC news or stream some entertaining audios for studying. However, here comes a question. I want to save some audios from BBC offline so that I can listen to them in my leisure time. But audios on BBC don’t allow to be downloaded. I am looking for an effective method that can help me do this. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks.

    Can you tell me how to download BBC audio?
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    It is not a secret that BBC is one of the greatest world’s leading public service broadcasters, which provides you with all sorts of audios/videos for listening/watching online. Everyday thousands of people around the world would like to browse this site to get the latest information. And also many people like you, they are yearning for searching an workable method of BBC audio download. However, it is not possible for you to download them off this site directly. In that case, today I will introduce two hassle-free methods to extract audio from BBC.

    Online Way to Download Audio from BBC

    Mainly serving the function of recording audio, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is an online application that enables you to save the BBC audio without any loss of quality. With this app, it is available for you to record the audio on BBC while you are listening to it. This app is welcomed by many people for following reasons:

    1. Easy-to-use operation works conveniently for everyone.
    2. No needs to download or install any plugins.
    3. No charge for utilizing.
    4. No requirements for registration.

    With these brilliant features, it is much easier for you to download BBC audio. Just go to the webpage of this app and run it by click “Start Recording”. Then run the Java and it will be loaded. Before recording, configure some correlative settings like audio input, audio format, output folder, etc according to your need. Next just hit on “Record” and play the audio on BBC. After that, you can click “Stop” to end the recording process. Last thing is to check the recorded audio by playing it. Now you can listen to it anytime and anywhere at your will.

    Best Program for BBC Audio Download

    Streaming Audio Recorder is the most recommendable software that I want to share with you. Featured as stable, safe, fast and clean – merits of this program are more than that. As an all-in-one professional program, it has equipped with various tools including audio recorder, radio player, music downloader, audio converter, etc, which are satisfactory to every audio user. As for downloading audio from BBC, the built-in radio player is the best way for you for your conveniences. Follow the steps below and learn how to download BBC audio.

    Step 1: Download and install this program, then run it by double clicking its shortcut on your PC.

    Step 2: Choose “Play” tab in the middle of the menu, hit on “Radio” on the left side. It enables you to select the channel among those recommendable genres of radio.

    Step 3: Since that you want to listen to BBC channel, you can click “Search” tab and input “BBC”. It is also available for you to select language, genre and country/region at your will.

    Step 4: After that, just hit on “Search” and it will list some referring channels. You can play them online, record them within this software, and share with others via social utility like Facebook, twitter, etc.

    Step 5: If you would like to save the channel for next time listening, it is also possible for you to add it to your favorites. So you can find it comes in handy the next time.

    As you may see, with this program, you don’t have to go to the BBC site any more. Also it is possible for you to download audio from BBC with its audio recorder. Operating procedure is similar to the online application mentioned above. But this program works much better in the following aspects:

    1. When recording audio from BBC, this program can identify the detailed information of the recorded track automatically.
    2. It is possible for you to record audio without time limitation.
    3. You can play the recorded audio on the software directly instead of using another media player.

    All in all, these two methods are both effective to help you get the audio from BBC. Online way is free and easy, however, desktop version is more powerful and comprehensive. No matter which method you choose to utilize, you can achieve your goal successfully. Just give it a try!

    Can you tell me how to download BBC audio?
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    Can you tell me how to download BBC audio?
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    how can i transfer music from the library to my mp3 player

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      • Vavatal : You can connect your MP3 player to the computer, and on your PC, it will detect your MP3 Player, or you can go to "This PC" on Windows PC, go to "Devices and drives" to open your MP3 Player as a drive, copy the music in Library and paste them to the folder of your MP3 Player where you store other songs.
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