• How to download background music for videos?
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    How to download background music for videos?

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    Recently I have created a video from my family albums, but it seems to be even better with a background music. I am wondering where to download suitable family songs from web.I want to find some free and simple apps to do this job. Is there anyone can give me some useful advices?

    How to download background music for videos?
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    It is indeed dull and uninteresting to watch a video without any music in it. Many people create their own videos out of personal creativity, memorable events, family trips, etc. At this point, a background music can always enrich your video greatly while there’re loads of them on web. Fortunately, there are two easy applications you can utilize as background music downloader. Below are the detailed introductions and steps.

    The best choice – Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    This audio recorder is an online service that enables you to download any audio you are interested in. It does not require installation, subscription or payment. Suppose that you are going to download background music for YouTube videos. Following are the detailed steps.

    • Activate this online application – Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder and click “Start Recording” on the webpage. After that, a pop-up window will show up to remind you to run Java. Just hit on “Run” and the tool will be loaded.
    • Before recording the music, just make some settings. Open “Tools” – “Options” menu, select “System Sound” as audio input and choose audio format which you would like to use. Also, you can set the output folder on the interface.
    • Enter one music website (take Spotify for example), choose your wanted song and stream it online.
    • Hit on “Record” button and then play the music on Spotify. It will then pop-up the interface of audio recorder on which you can check the recording process.
    • You can stop recording by click “Stop”. Hit on “Open folder” to find the recorded audio. Then you can add it to your video by using some video editors such as iMovie for Mac or Movie Maker for Windows.

    The app applies to background music for videos free download perfectly. You can choose the audio formats including MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA and OGG according to your need. Moreover, this app doesn’t have limitations on the length of recorded audio, so you are allowed to download as many songs as you like. Even much better, it also has a special function that it can identify the song’s artist, title and other music information which can save time on finding it by yourself.

    Another way to download background music for videos

    Apowersoft Video to MP3 is an online application that can download music for free. Compared with recording the music, you don’t need to play the whole song while downloading it. Better than other music download websites, this site provides you more functions. Except of searching and downloading music, it also lets you extract audio from web videos and convert local files to other formats. Below are the steps.

    Step 1: Go to the webpage of this app, select the “Search” tab.
    Step 2: Enter title or artist to search MP3 and you can check out the results to find the song you like. You could find some suitable songs such as farewell songs or graduation songs.
    Step 3: Play the MP3s online to check the music quality and choose the better one if you need.
    Step 4: Hit on “Download” and choose a destination folder for placing the downloaded MP3, the music will be downloaded on your computer. After that, you can combine the music and video together.

    It is simple and convenient to use it to download free background music for videos. The app is also possible for you to paste the specific URL address into the download area, and it will automatically download video to MP3, WMA, AAC, or more audio formats.

    Tips: I suggest you that you’d better keep the video as personal use after you have added the music to it. Do not spread it everywhere. If you are going to upload it to some websites, it may cause the infringement of copyright.

    These two ways are very easy and convenient to use, you could go to the website and have a try. If you have better ideas, share with us together.

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