• How to Change Ringtone Android Phone
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    How to Change Ringtone Android Phone

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    I am having a problem with my Android phone. I want to change my ringtone but I actually do not know how to. My device has only one ringtone for calls, messages and notifications. Can anyone tell me how to change Android ringtone easily? Is there any problem with my device that is why it is like this? Thank you!

    How to Change Ringtone Android Phone
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    Your device has no problem. Set customized ringtone is important because it allows you to be aware of what happens on your Android. So it would be better if you have a separate ringtone for calls and text messages. However, there are some Android phones which cannot set downloaded music as ringtone and most Android devices have the same call and message and notification ringtone. With that, users are getting confused on what is really happening in their device- this is a problem being encountered by many. With regards to changing ringtone on Android easily, I can recommend you a very good application which you can use.

    Way one: Using the Default Method

    In case you’re good with the default ringtones installed in your Android device and you do not wish to use your downloaded tones, you can simply use the default method of changing the ringtone of your Phone.

    • Go to Settings.
    • Choose “Sounds”.
    • Select the ringtone you want to use and click “OK”.

    Way two: Using Apowersoft Phone Manager (Best Way)

    Apowersoft Phone Manager is an application which can help you manage your Android phone on a PC. This tool allows you to change your ringtone in case you cannot access your downloaded music. Additionally, not only you can change the ringtone of your device when using this tool. You can also set your alarm tone and notification tone.

    To know how to change ringtone on android phone, feel free to follow the steps given below:

    1. Download and install phone manager.

    2. Once the installation is ready, launch the application and connect your device. You can do that in two different ways (whichever is applicable and convenient to you).

    a. Using USB cable- simply connect your phone to the computer by plugging the USB cable. The application will then automatically detect your phone.

    b. Using a WiFi network connection- in case you have WiFi connection at home, just simply install Apowersoft Phone Manager in your phone and get the verification code. Then type in the verification code. Click “Connect” and wait for your device’s information appearing in the interface of the tool. Additionally, you can also connect by scanning the QR code- you can find the QR code in the interface of the tool. Click on “Start Scanning”. Scanning the QR cord on your PC and your device will be connected.

    3. After connected, you’ll see some tabs in the upper part of the tool. Click the “Music” tab and all the music in your Android device will appear.

    4. Click on the song you want to use and then drop down “Set Ringtones”. Select “Ringtones” and the ringtone of your Android device will then be changed.

    Some Other Helpful Features

    This tool can help you access all your files including photos, videos, installed applications, messages and contacts. Yet it can change ringtone on Android, it can also set the wallpaper of your device.It can also back up all the files in your phone. In case you have your phone reformatted, you can still retrieve them.

    As a conclusion, it is recommended to make use of Apowersoft Phone Manager rather than just using the default method. Changing the ringtone of the Android device will now be easier because users have a lot of options to do in order for them to access their music easily and you can use your downloaded songs as a ringtone. Aside from that, users can also manage their files easily as the application is made for the purpose of accessing all of the Android files the easiest way. In your case, you can make use of this free tool whenever you wish to use your downloaded music as a ringtone.

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