• Can you tell me how to burn CD from my playlist?

    Can you tell me how to burn CD from my playlist?

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    As a music lover, I like to listen to the songs provided from online music websites which allow me to customize my own playlist. So I wonder is there a way to get the music tracks from playlist and burn them to a CD. Then I can put it in my car for listening on the road. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks.

    Can you tell me how to burn CD from my playlist?
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    Many music sites on the net provide you with a platform to create a free playlist that empowers you the ability to arrange your favorite songs feasibly. A playlist also makes it quite convenient to load your favorite songs upon accessing the music sites. However, many people like you also want to download the entire playlist and burn it to CD for listening on-the-go. Luckily, there is a great software that can help you do these things with ease – Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder. It is a comprehensive program equipped with diverse functions such as recording audio, burning playlist to CD, downloading music, converting video to audio, etc. Next I will show you how to get the music from playlist provided by music streaming sites and burn it to CD with the help of this fantastic program.

    Simply Way to Record Playlist MP3

    To get the music from playlist, this tool is available for you to record the lossless songs. It is extremely simple to save the music included in a playlist. You just need to click “On” to start recording while play the playlist. Then click “Off” to stop. After that, it is also possible for you to play the recorded audio on this program since it has a built-in player. That makes it easier for you to check the quality of the recorded audio timely.

    This tool has a distinctive feature that it can automatically recognize the information of music tracks like title, artist, year, album, and genre during the recording process. In this way, it saves lots of troubles to edit the audio information and make it dramatically simple to organize your songs with tags.

    Effective Method to Burn CD from Playlist

    Now you have grabbed the music tracks from playlist successfully, the next important action is to do the burning task. Using the CD burner equipped with this program, it is effortless to burn a CD at your will. You can add any music tracks as you like into the CD which makes it distinct from others. Here is the guide to teach you how to burn playlist to CD:

    Step 1: After you have recorded songs in the playlist one after another, you need to put a blank CD into the disc driver of your PC.

    Step 2: Back to the software and click “Tools” menu and choose “CD Burner”, it will detect your CD immediately.

    Step 3: Select music files you want to burn by clicking “Add” to append the file to the CD. After that, every track loaded in this manner will have presented on the interface of the software along with it. If you want to adjust the songs’ order, you can also hit “Move up” or “Move down”.

    Step 4: Once all these things have been done, you just need to hit on “Start” and the CD will be done in a few minutes. Then you can get a unique CD made by yourself.

    Except the procedure mentioned above, you can also burn playlist to CD in an easier and quicker way. After you record the music on playlist, you can right click the recorded audio and it will list some options. Select “Burn to CD” and it will forward to burn your CD directly. Then you can follow the next operations to finish the burning process.

    Streaming Audio Recorder is indeed a recommendable software that is worth trying. Compared with other online services, it is more stable and safer to operate. That’s why there are so many people who have chosen it!


    • Readable and writable CD-R/CD-RW discs hold 74 minutes/650 MB or 80 minutes/700 MB of data. If your playlist exceeds 80 minutes, you may need to divide the songs for two discs.
    • Do not spread the CD and just keep it as a personal use for it may cause the infringement of copyright.
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