• How to add video to itunes

    How to add video to itunes

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    I am using Video Download Capture and would like to save the video to my Itunes account. If I click on Add to itunes how do I save it to my own Itunes account? Any information you can give me about this feature would be great. :) Thanks

    How to add video to itunes
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    Sorry about that.

    1. Make sure you have installed iTunes on your computer, if not, please download the iTunes from http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ and install it.

    2. Click ToolsAdd to iTunes… to launch the iTunes transfer.

    3. Click Add button to add any video files you want to transfer to iTunes.

    4. After adding files, then you can click Start to transfer.

    5. After transfering complete, you will find it in iTunes.

    6. Connect your iPad to computer, and click your iPad or iPhone. Then, click Movies

    7. Select the video you just added, and then click Sync to transfer to your iPad or iPhone.

    Done, enjoy it. If you have any further problems or concerns then please feel free to contact us again.

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