• 【Mac Activation】How to Activate BeeCut VIP
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    【Mac Activation】How to Activate BeeCut VIP

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    This is a guide on how to register a free account on Beecut and how to use an activation code to activate it as VIP if you have one.


    1. Go to BeeCut official site and install the program.

    2.Click the account icon at the top right corner.

    3.Click “Log in & Sign up” at the bottom left corner. If you already have a free registered account, please skip to step 7 directly.

    4. Click “Register”.

    5.Enter your email account at the first blank and click “Get verification code”. Then, the verification code will be sent to the email you filled in the first blank.

    6. Simply fill in the verification code at the second blank and set your password at the third blank. And click “OK”.

    7. Now, simply enter your registered email and password at the login interface and click “Login”.

    8. Click “Activate VIP”.

    9.Enter the activation code and click “OK”.


    【Mac Activation】How to Activate BeeCut VIP
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    I just purchased a lifetime VIP from StackSocial and it isn’t working. when I enter the access code it says “failed to activate”.  When I close the app and sign back in, it says “Your VIP account has already expired” but I just purchased it! Can you help me with this?

    Thank you, Don Kaizen

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