• How to Activate ApowerREC Yearly VIP Account
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    How to Activate ApowerREC Yearly VIP Account

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    Here is a detailed guide on how to activate your free Yearly VIP account for ApowerREC in Giveaway campaign.

    Activation code5F800-CF7CI-P5E0L-6D197

    Note: This code can only be used from August 10, 2019 to September 10, 2019.

    1. Download and launch the program, then, click the account icon.

    2. Now let’s register an account first. Click “Sign up”. (For people who have already had an account, please jump to step 6 directly.)

    3. Enter an email at the first blank and click “Get”, then, a verification code will be sent to the email you just entered.

    4. Once received the verification code, copy and paste it to the second blank and set your own password at the third blank, then, click “Sign up”.

    5. Next, log into the account with the email you just registered along with the password, and click “Login”.

    6. Once logged into the account, click “Activate VIP” button.

    7. Simply input activation code “5F800-CF7CI-P5E0L-6D197” to the place as the image shown below and click “OK”.

    8. Then, your account status will be upgraded from trial to yearly VIP.

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