• How many devices can be connected?

    How many devices can be connected?

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    I am interested in recording iOS & Android devices.
    Is it possible to record more than 1 iOS device at a time? Im using the trial currently and I am having issue hooking up more than 1.
    Also I’m really interested in recording behavior that I may not be expecting necessarily. Is there any option to continuously record but only actually retain the last 30secs unless otherwise prompted to save with the record button? For instance I want to be able to record the app doing x. But the app only does x every random/30 times I attempt it. I could just make a really long video of the entire process trying to get it to happen and then cutting it down for size.. but it would be really neat if it only retained the last few seconds so I can quickly press record.. so that it would keep the last few seconds and then continue from there.

    How many devices can be connected?
    Alice Wang
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    Thanks for your reply, it’s impossible to record two iOS devices at a time. But ApowerMirror can record one iOS and one Android at the same time, you can follow the link and try the tool.
    For those recording functions you mentioned, our products can not do, you may try to record the whole video and use our Video Editor to resize it. But we are trying to update our products to fulfill customer’s requirements, please keep following our latest updates.

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