• How do I transfer Veoh video to mp3?

    How do I transfer Veoh video to mp3?

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    I often watch Veoh videos to enjoy music or interesting TV shows online, but I have no idea on how to save Veoh videos into mp3 files so that I can listen to them with my cellphone or other portable device. Please help me!

    How do I transfer Veoh video to mp3?
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    Veoh is an online movie provider that you can enjoy funny clips, TV shows, music etc. If you want to save Veoh video for your entertainment offline, Veoh website can offer you Veoh Player to download videos. But it cannot help you to convert Veoh videos to mp3. Well, here I will show you how to convert Veoh to mp3 with two software.

    Online way: using Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder, as the name suggests, allows you to record audio freely and conveniently. By clicking Start Recording, the window of this audio recorder pops up and then you can complete the recording by clicking Start and Stop.

    Or you can choose to convert Veoh to mp3 with more professional desktop software-Streaming Audio Recorder.

    Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder is fully functional software which is equipped with the functions of audio recording, audio converting, along with audio editing. There are two ways available for you to transfer Veoh video to mp3 with Streaming Audio Recorder.

    Usage one: Extract Mp3 from online video by downloading

    Step 1: Choose Video to MP3 from the dropdown list of Tools.

    Step 2: Copy the URL of the video you want and paste it to download bar.
    Streaming Audio Recorder enables you to download audio from dozens of online videos website which includes Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.

    Step 3: Choose the output format. Five kinds of output format are supported by this audio recorder which includes wma, wav, aac, mp3, ogg. And select your desired quality, standard quality or high quality?

    Step 4: Press Add to Download and then this audio recorder can identify the name of this video and the website where this video comes from.

    Usage two: Save Veoh to MP3 by recording

    Step 1: Change the default settings as you want. The settings include general settings, record settings and download settings. In Record Settings, you can choose target output file, output format or input audio source. In Download Settings, you can change the maximum simultaneous downloads.

    Step 2: Click On to start the recording.

    Step 3: Go to Veoh video sharing website and play the video you want.

    Step 4: Press Off to finish the recording.

    Since most portable devices including cellphones,Personal Digital Assistants support mp3 format, so after the Veoh videos have been saved in mp3 format, you can directly transfer them your portable devices with USB.

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