• How can I record NBA live streaming? Please help.

    How can I record NBA live streaming? Please help.

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    Hello guys!

    I am a basketball fan. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch NBA live streaming this week because I have things to do. Can you guys help me know how to record the game while I’m busy so that I will be able to witness the whole thing once I get home? Thank you

    How can I record NBA live streaming? Please help.
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    Recording NBA live is just so easy to do. As long as you have the right tool, you will not be able to miss out any basketball game. You can also watch them anytime and anywhere you want even without internet. As a basketball lover, I know how you feel and I had the same issues as well before until I found the best screen recorders to use. Below are the recommended tools you can use to record NBA games.

    Solution 1: Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    This is a web-based and free screen recorder. It does not require registration and it is 100% safe. Furthermore, this tool is compatible with Mac and Windows operating system and it produces high quality videos. Additionally, it can also record anything that appears in your computer screen which means that if you go to NBA live website, the game will be recorded. Despite recording what’s happening on the screen, this tool can record both microphone and system sound. Even though it’s a freeware, it does not have limits on the length of video that you want to record, so it’s surprisingly beneficial for recording a long match. Below are the steps on how to record NBA live games.

    1.Go to Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder page.
    2.Click on “Start recording” button and wait for the tool to appear on the screen.
    3.Go to NBA live stream site just like nba-stream.com where the game is being broadcast.
    4.Launch the free screen recorder and then click on “Audio Input” and choose system sound. resume to the playback windows of a match, then drag a region on that window to record the video, by clicking “Record” button. These buttons are seen on the upper part of the tool.
    5.Click “Start” button to start the recording and once you’re done, click on “Stop” button.
    6.Click on “Play” button to watch the video which can be found at the lower part of the tool.

    You can actually ask somebody to record the game for you in case you are out. However, with the use of Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro, the desktop version of the online one, within this tool, you’re able to record your favorite game without waiting for it to start before you can leave. This pro version has a “Scheduling Tasks” allowing users to set the date and time for future recording. With this very useful function, the tool will automatically record the screen when the set date and time takes place. To create a schedule task in recording NBA live, follow the steps below:

    1.Download, install and launch Apowersoft Screen Recoeder Pro.
    2.Drop down “Tools” and then choose “Create Schedule tasks”
    3.Set the task name, start time and date, duration, and the end time and date.
    4.Decide whether to record in full screen or just a part of it (options are given on the tool) and then click “Create” button to save the scheduled task.
    In addition to this, the pro version has a built in converter which allows users to convert WMV file into other formats (the tool saves the videos in WMV format) so that the video will be compatible to other devices for future watching.

    Solution 2: Fraps

    This tool has a paid and free version. It requires the installation of the tool in the computer before using it. Moreover, the free version of Fraps only allows you to record for no longer than a 30 seconds video time limit. This means that if you are going to record NBA live, you will have to buy the pro one. Additionally, this tool does not have a built in converter and it does not have a scheduling task. With this, you need the help of someone to record the screen for you. To use this NBA live recorder, simply download the tool, go to NBA live streaming site and then press F9 to start the recording.

    Solution 3: Camstudio

    This is a free screen recorder but requires installation and registration. Just like the other tools, this can also record both audio and video and it does not have a video recording time limit. On the other hand, it does not have a built in converter. It only saves videos in AVI format. To start recording using this tool, go to Camstudio page, then download and install the app in your computer. Click “Start” button to start the recording and then click “Stop” once done.

    Those are the tools recommended for you to use in recording NBA live. You will not miss any game despite of having a busy schedule. Watching the full game after work can now be easily achieved.

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