• How Can I Mirror Android to iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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    How Can I Mirror Android to iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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    More often than ever, we need to use files stored on our phone and share them with others. If you are using Android device, how can you mirror it to an iOS device (iPhone/iPad) and share the Android screen with the iOS user simultaneously? If you’ve got ApowerMirror on your phone, this is not a big issue. Proceed to see how this app works to achieve it.

    ?Step 1: Download. Download and install ApowerMirror to the Android and iPhone/iPad.

    ?Step 2: Launch. Launch ApowerMirror on both devices.

    ?Step 3: Connect. You have two methods to connect your Android to an iPhone/iPad. Before you start to connect the two devices, make sure to have them connected to the same WiFi network. 

        ?Method 1: WiFi connection. On your Android, go to “WiFi Connection”, and click the mirror button on the screen, then it will automatically search for devices. Select the iOS device that you want to mirror to on the found devices list. Afterwards, click on “START NOW” to mirror your Android to the iOS device.

        ?Method 2: QR code. On the iOS device that you are going to mirror to, tap “QR Code” to get a QR code; on your Android, tap “QR code” to get a code scanning box and scan the QR code that appears on the iOS screen. Afterwards, tap “START NOW” to complete the connection. 

    Once connected, your Android screen will be displayed on the iOS device directly. Slightly tap on the iOS screen, and hit the rotate button to turn it in a full-screen mode. Then you can share files on your Android with the iOS user freely. 

    How Can I Mirror Android to iOS (iPhone/iPad)
    Ada Reed
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    Thank you for the sharing!?

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