• How can I download sound effects for free?

    How can I download sound effects for free?

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    Hi, I wanna get sound effects from the internet, while most of so-called free sound effects cost me two or three dollars for each, more unacceptable is that each of them that I purchased is only a few seconds in length. It’s too costly…Is there any way to download sound effects for free?

    How can I download sound effects for free?
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    I guess that none of you are unfamiliar with sound effects, it can be the screams and cries in movie, birds chirping in audio books, the pattering of rain in music and the thunder of applause in TV shows etc. With these sound effects, you can have your personalized dialogues, audio books or songs. While, it’s not easy to find sound effects to download, and the number of Sound effects that free to download is limited.

    However, if you think that you have exerted all the possible ways to download sound effects mp3 for free, then you are wrong, there is still an easy way to get it.

    Internet Download Manager

    Internet Download Manager is a desktop program that enables you to download music, videos, programs and documents and many other files. It works with nearly all of the most commonly used browsers including Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc. More conveniently, it can automatically recognize the downloadable music or video that being played on your computer.

    However, one of the downsides of this software is that it does not work with all the websites since IDM have been blocked by some websites from downloading its music or videos. In this case, you can try another way to do that. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder can help you to get free sound effects by recording.

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder, as its name implies, grants you the ability to record any audio in a free and online way. Aside from the basic recording function, it also supports a rich variety of formats and schedule tasks creating, as well as identifying ID3 tag information like title, album, artist, year etc. Better yet, with its friendly used interface, you are capable of downloading sound effects by recording them in the following simple steps.

    • Open the webpage of Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder and click on “Start Recording” to launch this program.

    • Once a java applet pops up, hit on “Run” to give the permission to launch this application.
    • Make some adjustments to the default settings. You can click “Options” in the dropdown list of Tools to select your desired output folder and output format.
    • Click “Record” button to begin recording.
    • Go to the website where you can listen to the sound effects and play the audio you want to download.
    • Hit the “Stop” button to finish your recording.

    Top five sound effects providers:

    Sound Effect

    Sound Effect, a website with a clear category of its pro sound effects and free sound effects, enables you to search for, preview and download sound effects for your instant use in multimedia profile.

    Sound Snap

    Sound snap is the best platform for you to enjoy sound effects and share them on Twitter or Facebook. The sound effects it provided is a collection of original sounds made or recorded by its users, not song samples or sound clips found on commercial libraries.

    Sound Bible

    Soundbible.com offers a large amount of sound effects clips in either wav or mp3 format. With the payment of 249 US dollars, you can have the unlimited downloads of its sound effects for a year.

    Audio Micro

    Audio Micro offers over 300000 audio tracks in all genres of sound effects including ringtones, film effects, horror sounds, game sound effects etc. On this websites, you can quickly find free and paid sound affects you preferred, since the sound effects it provided is sorted by different categories such as length, artists, and subcategory.

    SFX Source

    SFX Source is an online sound effects library where you can easily find sound effects and royalty free music for using in all levels of production ranging from songs, film, music videos, to games for both professional and amateur. You can easily search the sound affects you like by keywords or collections.

    Apart from the five sound effects providers that I mentioned above, there are many other options for you to preview and purchase sound clips. However, whatever sound effects providers you choose, you can use the sound effects downloader I introduced above to save what you want to your PC.

    How can I download sound effects for free?

    What if I want to add these sound effects to my audio files?

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