• HI-FI quality format required!

    HI-FI quality format required!

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    Hello again. First, i have tell you that i tried all of the world streaming software and i found Apowersoft Streaming Recorder best in the world! BUT! What kind is this Capture tool build in? It record in WMV low quality format! I think it have to recording in MPEG-2 uncompressed format. First – during of recording my CPU resource is busy with conversion to WMV, Second – i tried to disable all unnecessary resources from Windows Best Performance and the result is still dropping output video. I am sure if video is MPEG-2, there will not be dropping video. I test it with full screen capture of my desktop with HD 1280×720 display resolution adjust settings.

    HI-FI quality format required!
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    Hi Kroker,
    If you want to record something on you screen with HI-FI quality, you can try Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. This screen recorder is specially designed for screen recording and it can record everything on your computer screen without any quality loss! :)

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