• HEIC Converter stopped working
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    HEIC Converter stopped working

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    Hi, I’m using the HEIC converter for Mac.  I converted about 350 .heic images to .jpg, but then the app stopped working.  Whenever I put an image into the app, it produces an orange exclamation point to the right, and doesn’t allow me to convert the image.  This happens both for images that I’ve already converted and for ones that I haven’t converted yet.  Can you tell me what the problem is, and if there’s anything that I can do to continue using the app.  I have about another 150 images to go.

    Much thanks for your help, Larry

    HEIC Converter stopped working
    Ada Reed
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    Dear Larry, so sorry for the issue! In this case, we need to to send us a screenshot showing the orange exclamation point situation along with program’s feedback to @apowersoft.com">support@apowersoft.com so that our technician can locate the issue for you. Please kindly refer to the image below to send us the feedback, simply describe the problem there and leave your email. We will check it as soon as we received it. Thank you very much!

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