• How do I get audiobooks on my iPhone

    How do I get audiobooks on my iPhone

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    Hello, I downloaded dozens of free audiobooks and stored them in my computer. I want to transfer them to my iPhone so that I can listen to them anywhere I go. I have tried many ways but failed. Can you give me some solutions? If possible, step-by-step instructions would be appreciated. Thank you! :cry:

    How do I get audiobooks on my iPhone
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    Hello, Tom. Thank you for your inquiry! In fact, the problem of how to get audiobooks on iPhone or iPad has bothered many people, because unlike books or music, audiobooks can be very tricky. People are confused about where to find audiobooks on iPhone after they add them to iTunes Library. Given this, here I would like to give you a very detailed instruction. To suit different needs, I will provide you different tutorials.

    Situation One: Audiobooks Purchased from iTunes Store

    iTunes Store contains a great amount of fantastic audiobooks under different categories. Almost every popular audiobook can be found in it. And the quality is pretty high. Therefore, in most cases, people will purchase audiobooks from iTunes Store. In order to transfer audiobook to iPhone or iPad through iTunes successfully, you are advised to follow the next steps.

    • Open iTunes. Connect your device to your computer via USB cable.
    • Click “Audiobooks” under the “Settings” tab.
    • Check “Sync Audiobooks”. Choose either “All audiobooks” or “Selected audiobooks” as you like.
    • Click “Apply”. After the synchronization is over, disconnect your mobile device.

    Tips: If the audiobooks you download are under “Podcasts” category, then you need to click “Podcasts” to find the files instead of “Audiobooks”, though the process is similar.

    All the audiobooks will be stored in “Music”. You can find them by clicking “More”. There you will see an “Audiobooks” tab.

    Situation Two: Audiobooks Downloaded from the Internet

    Apart from iTunes Store, there are also some websites where you can download audiobooks and store them on your computer. In this case, you can adopt either way provided below to transfer them from computer to iOS devices.

    1. iTunes

    If you surf the internet, you will see many tutorials on how to put audiobooks on iPhone or iPad with iTunes. However, recently, Apple released iTunes 12.1. After people have updated iTunes to the newest version, they find these tutorials are no longer applicable. Thus, a specific instruction with iTunes 12.1 is offered here.

    • Open iTunes. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using USB cable. Wait until iTunes recognizes the device.
    • Click “File” which is on the top of the interface. And choose “Add File to Library” or “Add Folder to Library”.
    • Select the audiobooks stored in your computer and click “Open”.
    • Click your device. Under “Settings” column, choose “Music”.
    • Check “Sync Music” and click “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres”. Check all the files you want to sync to your mobile device, then click “Apply”.
    • Wait until the synchronization process is finished. Disconnect your iPhone or iPad.

    Now, to find the audiobooks in your Apple device, you need to open “Music”. They are under the “Songs” tab.

    Cons: As you can see, the process of using iTunes is extremely complicated. It takes much effort and time. Moreover, you need to double check other categories, like Music, Photos and so forth, to make sure everything you want is checked before you sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes. Besides, it will erase all the data in your device, which can be very annoying.

    2. Easiest Phone Management Tool

    Apowersoft Phone Manager is an awesome application in managing mobile devices. This software can not only manage all the files in your phone, and transfer your data, including music, videos, photos, contacts and apps, from phone devices to PC or vice versa, but also add files to the specific application so that you can directly use this app to open the files. It is a perfect solution on how to download audiobooks to iPhone. Simple guidance is listed below.

    Welcome to see the operation in this video. It can give you a vivid instruction.

    With an Audiobooks Application Installed

    If you already have an Audiobooks application installed in your iPhone or iPad, you can follow the next steps.

    • Download Apowersoft Phone Manager. Install it on your computer.
    • Open the software. Connect your iPhone or iPad to PC via USB cable. Please tap “Trust” button when a dialog pops up in your iOS device.
    • Click “Apps” tab. Choose “App files” and select the Audiobooks application.
    • Click “Import” button. Select all the audiobooks in your computer and click “Open”.

    Within minutes, your audiobooks will be added to your iPhone. In this way, you can transfer audiobook to iPhone or iPad without iTunes. Furthermore, it is very convenient to find them in your iPhone or iPad, for they are all stored in this Audiobooks software. And you can listen to them easily.

    Without Any Audiobooks Application

    If you do not install any Audiobooks application, then you need to stick to the following guidance.

    The first steps are the same. But, instead of going to “Apps”, you need to click “Music” tab, under which you will find “Audiobooks” column. Then click “Import” and select the audiobooks you want to transfer. After the process is finished, disconnect your mobile device.

    Tips: As to where to find audiobooks under this circumstance, you can tap “Music” and click “More”. There you will find a column called “Audiobooks” where all your audiobooks are stored in.

    Hope my guidance on how to get audiobooks on iPhone is detailed enough. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask. Best wishes! :D

    How do I get audiobooks on my iPhone

    If you have downloaded iTunes on your computer, you can get audiobooks from iTunes store. Then, you can transfer them to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. iPhone Transfer can tell you how to transfer lots of types of data you want to iPhone of course, so you can have a try and compare with iTunes.

    How do I get audiobooks on my iPhone

    Is this site your sister’s site? I check they has the same software and interface similar like Apowersoft

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