• Full Solutions to HEIC Viewing or Converting Problems
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    Full Solutions to HEIC Viewing or Converting Problems

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    Before the release of iOS 11, you might have not heard of the new image format – HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format). HEIC soon became a hot topic and has been introduced and discussed on the internet by millions of editors since its publication. If you have ever paid attention to the Apple tech news reported on the websites, you should know of it much or less. It is an image format which is more advanced than JPG because it can contain a sequence of images and support up to 16 bit color. If you choose to keep photos as HEIC file format, you can save huge amount of space on your iPhone.

    However, many devices or operating systems don’t support this new image format at the moment. So you may come across some issues while trying to open or view HEIC files on your Windows, Mac or Android phone. To help you solve the problems, we have done some research and found the best solutions for you. 

    How do I view HEIC on Windows?

    Now there is a free HEIC viewer which allows you to open HEIC files on Windows by just one click. It also comes with a handy screenshot tool and an advanced image editor. With it, you can switch photos from previous to next by scrolling mouse wheel. It enables you to display photos one after another as a slideshow with custom intervals. And it brings you better experience for viewing long photos. 

    How to convert HEIC to JPG for free?

    If you just need to convert HEIC to JPG for sharing on the social network websites or sending it to other portable devices, get the free web tool and use it to convert your HEIC files instantly. 

    Is it possible to view HEIC files on my Mac?

    If you have macOS 10.13 High Sierra, you are allowed to open HEIC file on Mac simply with the default photo viewer. But if your Mac computer is running on macOS 10.12 Sierra or the later operating system, you need to use other tools such as the Google Photos, OneDrive or Dropbox for viewing the HEIC images.

    I need to view the HEIC on my Android, what should I do?

    Though HEIC can’t support well on Android device, you still have the opportunities to view HEIC files in Android. Now the Gmail app and cloud space storage apps like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc support converting HEIC files to JPG formats.

    Full Solutions to HEIC Viewing or Converting Problems
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    This smart HEIC converting tool can come in handy when I want to process my HEIC images. I can complete the whole HEIC to JPG conversion in fast way. Amazingly, it also supports batch conversion and provides both online and offline solutions for us. 

    However, what if I want to convert my HEIC images to other formats except JPG? I find there is no way to realize it. Hence, I try a heic to png app for help. 

    Anyway, I really like Apowersoft. Hope there are more attentive designs for us!

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