• How to fix Apowersoft login issues?
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    In June, I purchased your aPowerREC to use to record a graduation online.  It failed as the file generated was meaningless.  I tried to Fix but failed.  Next I had a major failure with My MACPRO.  I lost all my files.  Today, I was again trying to re-install the operating software.  I even lost my password to activate the software.  Please help & advise.    My name is:  Robert G. Harrison.  586 Owls Perch Drive, Lake St. Louis, MO. 63367.  Phone is 636-561-1548. I have the software downloaded and wish to proceed

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      • Cholaco :

        hi, please send your order information and your VIP account to us: https://www.apowersoft.com/support/submit-ticket/, we will check it and help you reset the password. 

      • 2020-09-14 04:53 Reply
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