• Failed to Load Album Data for Music (AirMore)
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    Failed to Load Album Data for Music (AirMore)

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    I keep receiving the above-referenced pop-up and can not access my music.  Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    Many thanks!

    Failed to Load Album Data for Music (AirMore)
    Ada Reed
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    Are these music downloaded from iTunes? I’m sorry. AirMore cannot transfer the iTunes music, due to Apple’s copyright policy. So we do not show them on the web. But you can see all the music transferred using AirMore.

    Hope you can understand!

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      • theenderkingrk :


        I've recently been having more or less the same issue. I moved and had to change wifi. Now I'm unable to properly connect to airmore

        I connect to airmore via IP and it seems to connect to my phone. But after that it refuses to load my data properly. It was working until recently but now i keep getting an error that says that "data from my music" could not be loaded.

        I've tried both restarting my phone, my computer and resetting my IP address and modem.

        The problem seems to be specifically with this apple device as I've been able to transfer file with an old android phone

      • 2022-03-05 14:53 Reply
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