• [Guide] Failed to Install Apowersoft Virtual Sound Card
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    [Guide] Failed to Install Apowersoft Virtual Sound Card

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    In case that you may face the issue of failing to install Apowersoft virtual sound card when using Mac screen recorder/audio recorder, we publish this post and provide you some useful solutions to solve this problem.

    sound card not detected

    Solution 1. Manually download and install virtual sound card via the instructions below if you cannot get it installed by clicking the “Yes” button.

    • Download the sound card driver from this link.
    • Unzip the file you have downloaded.
    • Double click the file to install it.

    install sound card manually

    Solution 2. Check whether our virtual sound card conflicts with other audio drivers installed on your Mac. If so, please backup other audio drivers first and then delete it from your computer. Once it’s done, you can then reboot your Mac and reinstall our Mac screen recorder or audio recorder.

    Solution 3. If you are using macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) computer, you can also go to this post for further solutions.

    For those who fail to solve the issue after trying all the solutions above, please submit a ticket here and describe the issue you have encountered with some details, we will get back to you and help you out ASAP.

    [Guide] Failed to Install Apowersoft Virtual Sound Card
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