• Any easy way to download music from hype machine?

    Any easy way to download music from hype machine?

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    One of my habits at my leisure time is to enjoy music on hype machine and I want to keep its track for offline listening. But it only supports to steam music on web, so I am looking for an easy way to download music from hype machine. I had googled and someone told me to right click the song name and select “save as” to save the music, but that didn’t work. Any suggestion?

    Any easy way to download music from hype machine?

    Maybe you can try HiDownload, but it only works well on the hype machine music that does not prevent from being downloaded.

    Any easy way to download music from hype machine?
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    Hype Machine is a website that provides a unique way of discovering music. It lists the most recently posted songs from a selection of music blogs on its main page. Thus, you can enjoy a wide range of songs covering dance, electronic, hip-hop and many other fantastic genres.

    If you fond of a song that played on Hype machine and want to save it on your computer for offline listening, you can be directed to a website where you can purchase it like Amazon, iTunes and eMusic. Of course, you can also search the music on the Internet and fine the download link here and there. I bet that most of you would give up this way for its inconvenience. Here are two options that best fits your needs.

    The Hype Machine Track Downloader

    The Hype Machine Track Downloader is a Firefox extension that enables you to download any tracks that played on Hype Machine. With this add-on, one can easily download music from hypem. Just install it, and then it will work without any fussy options. In this way, it can simplify the whole process of downloading its music by showing a “download track” button on currently playing tracks.

    However, the only catch is that it only works on Firefox browser, thus it’s a bit inconvenient for those users who do not have Firefox installed already on their computer.

    Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder, speaking as an audio recording program that gives you the ability to record any computer system sound, microphone or both, also offers a great variety of functions including audio converter, cd ripper, cd burner, audio editor etc.

    Compared with The Hype Machine Track Downloader, this audio recorder cannot just download music from hype machine without the loss of quality, other streaming audio websites are no exception. Better yet, unlike The Hype Machine Track Downloader that only provides you to download the whole audio track, Streaming Audio Recorder enables you to record any part of the track instead of the whole piece of music.

    As for how to download songs off hypem, you can refer to the following detailed steps.

    • Change the default settings as you wish. You can decide which output format or output folder you would like to choose from, or even make other advanced settings.
    • Go to hypem.com and search for the track that you’re interested in.
    • Hit the “Record” to begin the recording.
    • Back to the music you chosen on hypem.com and play it.
    • Click “Stop” to finish your recording.

    Now your hype machine track can be saved in your computer, you can enjoy it at any time you want.

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