• Are there any Dxtory alternatives for recording gameplay?

    Are there any Dxtory alternatives for recording gameplay?

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    Recently, I wanna make a game tutorial, and one of my friends suggests me to use Dxtory. But I find that it’s difficult to use as it provides a bunch of settings which almost drive me crazy. Besides, the recorded video is often out of sync. Thus, I am here to to see if any one can suggest an alternative to Dxtory. Are there any alternatives?

    Are there any Dxtory alternatives for recording gameplay?
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    Dxtory is one of the popular game recording programs that capable of recording gameplay along with audio from you and other players. One of the shining features of this program is that it supports recording video with high frame rate. Unfortunately, many users often complaint about the substantial lag it brings when recording. Plus, it’s difficult to figure out how to configure desirable settings since its interface is filled with various complicated settings and options. If these downsides prevent you from using the application or you may prefer other similar programs, there are several Dxtory alternatives for you to choose from.

    #1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

    There are a handful of applications that can be used as equivalent of Dxtory. Among these, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro may just top the list. It is regarded as the best program similar to Dxtory for its simplicity and rich functionality. With it, you are allowed to capture gameplay with sound as videos in high quality. And the exported video can be saved in various video formats including WMV, MP4, MKV, MOV, etc. In addition, scheduled recording and video uploading are also available with this program. If needed, you can also make use of its built-in screenshot function to capture anything you like as images. To know how to use it to make video recordings, simply follow the simple guides below.

    • Download the recorder from the button below and run it.
    • Before recording, it’s recommended to configure some basic settings in “Options”, such as the output video format, desirable directory for saving recordings, hotkey for starting and finishing recording, etc.
    • Once these settings are done, you can navigate to the gameplay you could like to capture and then press the hotkey (F6 by default) to start recording.
    • Whenever you want to finish your screencast by saving it into a video, you can press the shortcut (F10 by default) you have set . And then you can find the recorded video in the recording list and output folder.

    For your convenience, this program also has a free online version. To use it, simply navigate to the webpage of this screencasting program and hit the “Start recording” button to initiate it. Then you can allow access to run Java once it pops up, and then this screen recording utility will appear.

    #2. Fraps (Frames per Second)

    For many game players, the go-to application for making game recording on Windows is Fraps. It can capture screen as video with frame rates from 1 to 120 per second. One of the shining features it provides is that it can monitor and show frame rates between any points on your computer screen. This is great when you want to save the statistics for further review. In addition, this alternative to Dxtory enables you to take screenshots with pre-defined hotkeys and save images in JPG, PN, BMP and TGA format.

    However, some users may complaint about the huge video file it generates. And the free version of Fraps only allows you to make 30 seconds recording with watermark attached. Thus you need to pay $37 to get the full version of it

    #3. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

    Another Dxtory alternative is Open Broadcaster Software, it’s a free and open source program that allows for streaming live videos from Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion, etc. Moreover, it also works great on recording anything displayed on screen with audio and save as video in FLV or MP4 format. For convenience, it provides a variety of scenes and sources for recording. As a result, before recording, you can configure some basic settings and choose your desirable capture source, such as game capture, window capture, video capture, image slide show and many more.

    However, one of the downsides of OBS is that it’s not intuitive, thus beginners may spend some time to figure out how to use it. But comparing to Dxtory, it’s much easier.

    Above are the best Dxtory alternatives you can use to record gameplay or make other tutorials. All of them work great, you can choose the one you prefer. But note that Fraps generates large video file, and Open Broadcaster Software is not simple to use for beginners. Thus, Apowersoft Screen Recorder is highly recommended for its simplicity and rich features.

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