• Can you suggest me a Downloadify alternative?

    Can you suggest me a Downloadify alternative?

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    I want to save some songs on Spotify, but the Downloadify fails to detect and download the music. After searching in Google, I realized that this app I often use is not working anymore. It’s so annoying, and now I wish to have a similar program like Downloadify. Anyone got ideas on this?

    Can you suggest me a Downloadify alternative?
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    Downloadify is a Chrome extension developed for downloading songs on Spotify free. This tool works as downloading the music automatically when streaming it on Spotify web player. However, Spotify found this app soon and made changes to prevent it from acquiring the music. Later on, Chrome removed it from its app web store. That’s why you find this tool no longer works. And in order to solve the Downloadify not working issue, you can try some similar programs which do the same job.

    Two Effective Downloadify Similar Tools

    Solution 1: Apowersoft Online Free Audio Recorder

    If you want to have a free and browser-based alternative to Downloadify, then Apowersoft Online Free Audio Recorder will satisfy your needs. It is highly compatible with all the browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, IE and Safari letting you save Spotify MP3 more conveniently. Please note that this app requires you to enable Java before using it, make sure that you are using the latest version to work smoothly.

    • Open the webpage of this Downloadify alternative, hit “Start Recording” icon.
    • Enable the Java applet, the recorder will be initialized and loaded on your desktop screen.
    • Configure settings in the “Option” under the “Tools” menu. There, you can customize target format, folder, input audio source and hotkeys at will.
    • Hit “Record” on the recorder’s interface, then play desired song via the Spotify’s website or desktop application, then . The recording task will start right away, and you can hit “Stop” when wishing to stop.
    • Once done, you will find the song in the list of interface. Right click on a track to access the options like play, convert, edit ID3 tag of music.

    This tool doesn’t come with sophisticated functions, but it really works well when recording Spotify songs. And you can believe that it records sound in 1:1 high quality.

    Solution 2: Streaming Audio Recorder

    Among all the alternatives to Downloadify, Streaming Audio Recorder is an ideal choice for it is a stable, simple and comprehensive software. It not only supports you to download from Spotify, also available for managing Spotify songs, adding them to iOS devices, burning to disc and etc.

    When completing the downloading and installation procedures, you can launch it and enter the “Settings” menu. Better than the last alternative solution, this software enables you to specify the bitrate for recording audio. According to your requirement, you can choose from 320kbps to 96kpbs according to the quality you desire. Just keep in mind that higher value results in better quality but also causes larger file size. OK, now you can play the Spotify music and press “On” button to save it now. If you want to stop, press the “Off” button. There is no restriction on recording duration, so just record any song as you like. Later, you can also organize the songs into a playlist and listen to them with the embedded player.

    To import the songs to iPhone, iPad, iTouch and iPod for listening whenever and wherever, it is suggested to utilize the “Add to iTunes” function of Streaming Audio Recorder. Activate it in the “Tools” menu, then drag the audio files into it, click “Start” then the audio will be synced to iTunes. After that, plug in your device to PC and update the music library. All right, it’s done.

    Hope other Spotify fans can find more programs like Downloadify and share with us all.

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